Introducing – The Quiltcast

Posted on August 27th, by Amy in podcast, Quiltcast. 14 comments

I’m excited to start on a new adventure with all of you today! I’ve been making plans all summer, and stocking on up on a little bit of equipment to record and produce a podcast! April and I recorded the first episode this morning and look forward to getting together weekly and share more.

The Quiltcast -

The podcast will be on iTunes soon, until then you can scroll down and listen in your browser!

Now available on iTunes – just click here!


Show Notes :

Special thanks to my husband, Joe, who did his best to edit out our first round of podcast errors. We are a work in progress, and promise to continue to make it even better!

April can be found online here, and plans to post about the quilt she mentioned in the podcast right away! I can’t wait to see it! While you are there check out her patterns and beautiful photos.



April mentioned :

60 Cone / Spool Thread Rack

Memory Foam Rugs

Gingher 8-Inch Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears

Large Graph Paper Notebook

BIC Impressions Mini Pencils
Amy Mentioned :

Avery Durable View Binder

Plano Deep Stowaway Tackle Box with Adjustable Dividers

Clover Wonder Clips, 50 Per Pack

Ground English Walnut Shells

Lapel Stick





All of our episodes are available here, and on iTunes.

Thanks for tuning in! Email your feedback here!

Your ratings and reviews are welcome on iTunes as well – Thanks!






14 thoughts on “Introducing – The Quiltcast

  1. This is so exciting and refreshing and I’m sure informative and educational! I’m so glad to be receiving this and all the best to you and all those involved!!!

  2. It’s always so exciting to see what you are up to Amy! I’ll be taking a listen once I get home from picking up my kids. Best of luck to you and April in your really cool new venture!!

  3. Hi I signed up for your podcast but will have to listen tomorrow.
    Amy you were the first blog I followed and it has been wonderful watching your star rising and I bought your first book and will be buying your second one when I find up here in Stratford. Your success is well deserved. Blessings Sandra

  4. Your podcast was great. Your plans are so exciting. It is fun to be apart of the quilters circle and hear about how this great hobby can be more than just making a gift. It is so exciting to see and hear how creative others are. New ideas more fun creating.

  5. Hi. I just found your website and I am so excited!. I design and print for sale quilt blocks. However, I could not quilt if my life depended on it! But, I am a willing student. I would love to use some of my quilt blocks to make my own quilt. I will keep watch on your site. Interesting and I hope to learn!

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  7. Congratulations! Enjoyed listening to both your podcast episodes yesterday and looking forward to more. I liked that it’s a conversation between the two of you.

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