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Posted on September 11th, by Amy in give away. 379 comments

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Hi there! Today, my friend Jackie, from Canton Village Quilt Works is giving away a fabulous Kona Roll Up! (There’s also a coupon code for Kona’s if you are shopping for yardage – read on!)

Kona Roll Up!

Canton Village Quilt Works is always stocked with bright and beautiful fabrics, and Jackie is quick to ship your purchases!  If you don’t know Jackie already, she’s been a quilter for 18 years, longarm quilter for 12 years, has had her long arm quilting business for 12 years, opened her fabric shop 3+ years ago, she’s a designer for various quilting magazines, a National Certified Judy Niemeyer Instructor, and a quilting podcaster. I also happen to know she is coordinating a quilt show next week in her community, you can get more information here.

This Kona Roll Up is great for any number of projects and will be a great addition to your stash! To enter to win tell us your favorite Kona shade – it’s always fun to see what everyone else is drawn too! For an extra entry, sign up for Jackie’s newsletter, or like her shop on facebook, and leave me a comment for each.

Jackie  is offering special discount to my readers for 10% off  Kona fabrics for the duration of the giveaway!  Simply use code “10kona″ during checkout.


I will select a winner, on Monday, September 16th, 2013!

You can learn more about Jackie and Canton Village Quilt Works by following these links:

Newsletter ~Shop ~ Blog ~ Facebook ~ Podcasts ~ iTunes  ~ YouTube


379 thoughts on “Canton Village Quilt Works Giveaway!

  1. I love all of the colors. The color that I use the most is Kona black. I like to make quilts with bright colors and black, so that it pops.

  2. Favorite Kona color? …. hmm … let me count the blues – Cornflower, Lapis, Regal, Ocean, Pacific, Cornflower, Denim … the list seems endless. And then there is ROYAL. Yes, today ROYAL is my favorite. Ask me again tomorrow!

  3. I love all the blues, but my favorite is Royal. I have previously subscribed to the newsletter and facebook page. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a wonderful prize

  4. even though I have never considered “aqua” my favorite color I find it ends up in a lot of my quilts especially scrappy quilts with a lot of white in it. thanks for the chance.

  5. Wow! How to pick one? I am a blue girl so Blueberry is lovely and Alegria. Oh Slate is nice too! Bahama blue! But I also love the greens and Pear is sweet! Oh- Thistle is pretty too! OK- can’t pick one.

  6. Konas feel so good! I like leprechaun and leaf and eggplant…and snow. There are so many; a roll of Kona solids would be a treat. I’m going to Jackie’s show at the Air Museum in CT in 2 weeks.

  7. Love them all, there is a Kona color now to match anything. Love Lagoon and Curry. I have 2 jelly rolls but I hate to use them, they are so pretty and I use the colors to match other fabric because they are so true.

  8. Thanks for a great giveaway! My two favorite kona colors to use as backgrounds are snow and black. I’ve been eyeing lagoon to use as a bright accent in a future project – just love the tropical feel to that color!

  9. The blues are so so yummy. Not sure if I can pick a favorite, I want them all!!! But, if you make me, today it would be Cornflower.

  10. I can tell you what i will make with this! I have a fun quilt top pattern that requires 1 jelly roll and i will make it and take it to Billings when I go back to the Billings Cancer Clinic and I will give it to a cancer patient! I myself willbe having surgery next tuesday as my cancer is back for the second time.

  11. There are just so many wonderful Kona colors it’s hard to choose, but my favorite right now is Chartreuse. It just seems to work with several different things I have going on at the moment.

  12. I use Kona solids in practically everything I make. Let’s say my favorite today is Ice Frappe.Tomorrow it may be Alegria and so on. Thank you for a chance to win this yummy roll!!

  13. Favorite color of Kona, all, lol. other than Snow and greys which i guess aren’t colors, i really love Cactus, i find i use it in alot of projects.

  14. Yummy Kona goodness! My favorite color is whichever one I’m working with at the moment, though I always have yards of white and natural on hand.

  15. I think the thing I love most about the Kona colors is that you don’t have to have a favorite. There are so many colors and choices that whatever you need is going to be there.

  16. My current favorite is ash (2nd fav is snow). All the vibrant Kona colors pop against these neutrals. I can’t pick one color as best though, nor could I omit one color from a rainbow.

  17. My favorite Kona color changes day to day, you realize! Today it’s Herb that I love. It’s a darker neutral, like linen with a hint of green to it. Yummy stuff. Thanks so much for the nice giveaway!

  18. My current favorite Kona color is amethyst. Thanks for the giveaway and for your lovely blog. I just discovered it as a result of visiting Jackie’s blog.

  19. I use Kona black the most, but I’d love to get some Kona Candy Green. It looks like a green that would work as a 1930s green background in a couple quilts I have planned. Thanks for the giveaway.

  20. I normally don’t like purples, but Amethyst just leaps out at me. It’s truly an awesome color.
    I’m already a fan of Jackie’s on Facebook, and have subscribed to her newsletter for over a year.
    Thanks to both of you for doing this giveaway.

  21. I follow Jackie on Facebook, get her newsletter and play at quilting in her studio – such fun! Love so many of them but like yellowy greens so will go with Cactus.

  22. There are so many colours that I love but at the moment my favourite is Nautical as I am working on a group of quilts with darker backgrounds/sashing and this is the perfect shade for them.

  23. Oh, wow. All of them? lol Slate, coal, medium grey, purple….I could keep going but I think I will stop there. Thanks for the giveaway. vickise at gmail dot com

  24. This probably makes me super boring, and though I love all their colors, their white is the one I keep buying five yards at a time. Love it!

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