Quiltcast #10 – Market Round Up

Posted on October 30th, by Amy in podcast, Quiltcast. 23 comments

Hi friends! If you haven’t been listening yet, check out the Quiltcast! With Blogger’s Quilt Festival going strong this week, I put together a few snippets from Market last weekend. All of our episodes are available here, and on iTunes, plug in for your next piecing project!

The Quiltcast - AmysCreativeSide.com

Natalia Bonner mentioned her new book, co-written with Kathleen Whiting (aka her mom) – Modern One-Block Quilts

Vanessa Christenson

Vanessa Christenson talks about her new line of fabric Color Me Happy and pattern collection

Pat Sloan

Pat Sloan shared her fabric line Bobbins and Bits, and her new thread kits by Aurifil

Esch House Quilts

Debbie from Esch House Quilts shares a few details about her new patterns

Emily Herrick mentioned her re-release of quilt patterns from Geared for Guys

Nancy Mahoney talks about her new book, Simple Circles and Quick Curves, and her new fabric line for P&B Textiles, called Urban Classics

Twice is Nice

Amanda Herring shared her three (3!) fabric lines that are available right now, or very soon, and her diamond ruler

Gina Halladay mentioned her pattern line, Threaded Pear, Quilters Buzz, and Gina’s Quilt Club

Noble Notions

Heidi from Noble Notions is promoting her new patterns and Ruler Buddy

Sassafras Lane

Kristy and Shayla Wolf of Sassafras Lane Designs attended their very first Market, to promote their new pattern line

Jeni Baker

Jeni Baker talks about her new fabric line Dreamin’ Vintage, and her new pattern collection

Heather Jones mentioned her new patterns, and shared some exciting news!

Cheryl Arkison

Cheryl Arkison was at Market to promote her new book A Month of Sundays

Carolyn Friedlander

Carolyn Friedlander shares about her new fabric line Botanics, and her patterns for the Slow Sewing Studio

Here’s a quick picture of the swag I was telling you about ;) patterns, magazines, books, charm pack and more!


All of our episodes are available here, and on iTunes.

Thanks for tuning in! Email your feedback here!

Your ratings and reviews are welcome on iTunes as well – Thanks!


23 thoughts on “Quiltcast #10 – Market Round Up

  1. Thanks for the market podcast. It was great to hear from the various people and then also see the booth photos and links in your blog. I am really enjoying your podcast.

    Karen E.

  2. Really good sound … what type of recorder are you using? Seems to work really good…

    THANKS for the pics to go with the podcast lots of fun … makes it more like looking at fond memories being related to my favorite hobby… almost as if I was there.


    • Thanks Nonnie! My mic has a cord for the iPhone, so I plugged it and used the voice memo app. It worked out!

      Glad you enjoyed all the pics too :)

  3. I absolutely LOVE Quiltcast. The best part of the show is listening in on two women who are growing their businesses and also maintaining home and family! I always feel like you are my next door neighbors. The other aspect I love is that you actually talk about fabric, notions (isn’t notions such an out dated word?) and people in the quilt business. I feel like you give me the jump on the next great color way or the next great pattern.
    I recommend your podcast to all my other sewing friends.
    Continued success to you both!

  4. Thank you for your podcast. I enjoy listening to the topics you present as well as updates on the things you are working on. Keep it up!

  5. Thanks for the giveaway! I love your podcasts. I especially like hearing about how you guys do different techniques. There is so much pressure to have the latest notion or coolest ruler. But as I listen to you two, I realize you don’t need to have the best of the best, just drive to be creative. So thanks for that!

  6. Hi! I just listened to your podcast today; thanks for the look inside Quilt Market! I enjoyed hearing about the new things coming soon (and putting voiced to faces). I’m looking foward to listening to more, thanks for taking the time!

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