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18 : : Inspiration is Everywhere

Posted on July 18th, by Amy in photographs. 15 comments

Kelly asked a while back . . . “Where does your creative inspiration come from?”

If it’s too little you can click to enlarge :)



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17 : : Green Weekend

Posted on July 16th, by Amy in photographs. 7 comments

My weekend will include this, and this in the backyard. :/

And the kiddos – of course! I hope you have a great weekend :)Hopefully I will get some crafty time in too :)



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16 : : A Finish!

Posted on July 16th, by Amy in finished quilt, photographs. 43 comments

I have to tell you up front – I’m going to stray from my picture format for the month. I just have to gush about this quilt, and the journey it has taken me on!

The making/piecing of the top, was straightforward and a breeze!More of the challenge came when it was time to select thread for quilting, decide on fabrics for the back, and mentally preparing myself to quilt it!I knew that it needed curves and movement in the quilting – it was crying out for it. But I was determined to have a solid plan before setting to quilt it. In the end it was Cheryl’s comment that made everything click for me!
“Take one of the floral patterns from your fabric and use as an inspirational repeat. You could do it in each block, or as … Read More »

15 : : Studio Blog Tour

Posted on July 15th, by Amy in photographs. 22 comments

What you don’t see it!? Well it’s lunch time :) My “studio” is put away!My sewing machine is tucked away on the floor.

My fabrics safely stowed away from grubby fingers :)That chest holds fabrics, batting, interfacing, rulers, the cutting mat is behind it, and my tools/notion box is on top! That is my computer chair on the right too :)When nap time rolls around, and the girls go out to play – I pull everything back out again! The iron sits atop the yellow shelf and the board to the right of it. There’s speakers on the shelf too – always some tunes on while quilting :)

Kristina wants to know–– What do you use your space for?
My space is the kitchen table, so it has many uses! We eat 3-5 meals a day here … Read More »

14 : : Park Day!

Posted on July 14th, by Amy in My kids, photographs. 9 comments

Somehow they all found themselves on the swings at the same time :)

The huge slide! Owen went down a few times, then froze up at the top and I had to go rescue him. The stairs are much worse on the way down!—————————————-

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13 : : Blessed

Posted on July 13th, by Amy in photographs. 18 comments

My friend Kelly was cleaning out her stash and blessed me with some beautiful fabric! Thank you Kelly!!


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Posted on July 12th, by Amy in quilt-along, work in progress. 24 comments

4 1/2 spools of thread9 bobbins3 quilting needles6 hours of quilting time (roughly)

It’s done!! I am so excited, and proud to have this accomplishment under my belt. I will probably never do it again – but I am happy to have quilted this “monster quilt” myself :) I’ll show you more of the quilting once the binding is on and it has been washed – I can’t wait!!



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12 : : Sisters

Posted on July 12th, by Amy in My kids, photographs. 12 comments

An after dinner swim – it’s been hot!


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11 : : Aurora

Posted on July 11th, by Amy in photographs. 11 comments

The other resident :) She’s Joe’s dog (I’m allergic) but I love having her around when the house is quiet. Aurora’s a great guard dog – even though all she really wants is attention!—————————————-

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Quilting Interview

Posted on July 10th, by Amy in Interview. 11 comments

I answered a few questions for Jen @ Rosey Little Things recently. She has posted the interview, go check it out! Maybe you had some of the same questions :)

Thanks Jen!!


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10 : : Fort making in the kitchen

Posted on July 10th, by Amy in My kids, photographs. 10 comments

After basting my quilt on the floor – we got all the blankets from the other room to build a fort! Kept them busy for a little while :)

Love the look on Owen’s face – it says it all!


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9 : : I must be crazy!

Posted on July 9th, by Amy in photographs, quilt-along. 45 comments

It is basted together! I’m still undecided on how to quilt. . . it’s so linear I’m thinking curves . . . any suggestions?

And there’s a new quilt-along in the flickr group – come join us!


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