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Pillow Collective :: Think Big Edition!

Posted on February 25th, by Amy in Pillow Collective. No Comments

I hope that you are loving all the pillow inspiration! Today these friends are sharing their pillows :

Rebecca Silbaugh

Christina Lane

Becky Jorgensen

Don’t forget to pin while you are visiting! Details about the giveaways are here.

xo – Amy

Pillow Collective :: Think Big Edition

Posted on February 24th, by Amy in Pillow Collective. 1 Comment

Welcome back to day 2 of the Pillow Collective! Today these ladies have more inspiration for you :



Amy Smart


Pat Sloan

April Rosenthal

Don’t forget to pin while you are visiting! Details about the giveaways are here.

xo – Amy

Pillow Collective :: Think Big Edition

Posted on February 23rd, by Amy in Pillow Collective, Think Big. 20 comments

I hope you are ready for a big dose of pillow inspiration! I love adding pillows to the spaces in my home, not only are they FAST, they are a great color addition too!

All week long a few friends will be sharing their pillows made from my new book, Think Big. I’ll have links for you each day, and plan to share images from the book too.

While writing Think Big I decided I wanted to include as many options as possible so that you could easily make the quilt that you want to make. Sorting out how to share those options was a bit of a challenge, but in the end I came up with some handy charts to give you the freedom to create.

The beauty of 18″ blocks, is that you don’t need a lot, even if you want to make a … Read More »

Featuring Anne :: A Blogger’s Quilt Festival Quilter!

Posted on February 20th, by Amy in Featured Quilter. 1 Comment

Today’s featured quilter is Anne! Anne blogs at Confessions of a Serial Quilter – love that name! I’m loving all the bright and beautiful colors in Anne’s quilts, I hope you enjoy getting to know Anne better —

1. When did you begin quilting?

I started quilting in 2004 when a friend invited me to take a quilting class with her.  She wanted to take the class, and being shy, didn’t want to go alone.  I agreed, thinking it would be a fun way to while away a few Wednesday mornings, not realizing it would become both profession and obsession.  I can’t thank my friend Marguerite enough for introducing me to the world of quilting!!!

2. Why do you quilt?

I have always needed an artistic and creative outlet of one sort or another.  Before quilting it was cross stitch and before cross stitch it was writing … Read More »

Quiltcon Plans!

Posted on February 18th, by Amy in Quiltcon. No Comments

Hey! If you are planning to be at Quiltcon, I’d love to meet up with you!

Have a great weekend, I’ll be posting from Instagram if you want to tag along with me.

xo – Amy

Quiltcast #66 :: Top 5 Apps

Posted on February 18th, by Amy in podcast, Quiltcast. No Comments

Catch up with us, and what we’ve been working on in our studios.

Check out the Pillow Collective details here. And enter April’s book contest here.


April’s favorite apps:



Rhonna Designs

Kaufman Quilt Calculator




Amy’s favorite apps:


Pages Facebook manager


One King’s Lane

Cooking Light



Our shared Pinterest boards – Stitched Gifts, Gifts for Quilters, Quilt Storage, Fabric Storage

Those are our current fave’s share yours in the comments, we’d love to know!


We always welcome your feedback!

All of our episodes are available here on the blog, on iTunes and Stitcher.

Thanks for tuning in! Email your feedback here!

Your ratings and reviews are welcome on iTunes and Stitcher, as well –




As Seen On…

Posted on February 17th, by Amy in As Seen On.... 1 Comment

Last fall I had the opportunity to do a couple of TV spots, which have made their way to your local PBS stations at last! My first trip was to Quilting Arts with two segments, and one hour of instruction to film (more on that next month!). I had a lot of fun, once I got over the nerves of it all! Thankfully they have a great team that works to get all the details sorted out before the cameras are turned on.

If you aren’t already watching all the episodes, mine are 1502 where we talk about mitered corners, and 1511, which is all about pins! There are some simple placemats to practice the miters, and pincushions to keep track of all your pins, included in the episodes.

The cover above is a link to purchase the entire series on DVD, … Read More »

Pillow Collective :: Coming Soon!

Posted on February 16th, by Amy in Pillow Collective. 1 Comment

I’m really excited to get started with the Pillow Collective! I’ve been collecting fabric bundles, and trying to decide on a quilt to giveaway over the course of next week, as well as asking friends to make a pillow to share with you!

I’ve switched it up a bit from last year, and we will be featuring projects from my new book Think Big! Hopefully you are inspired to make a pillow or quilt – I can’t wait to see what everyone else has made!

All next week, February 23 – 27 I will have links for you to other blogs, and we will be pinning to win. There will be more details on that next week. I will also be sharing projects from the book, so you can see all the options, and imagine your next pillow or quilt!

I love adding … Read More »

Featuring Liza :: A Blogger’s Quilt Festival Quilter!

Posted on February 13th, by Amy in Featured Quilter. 2 comments

Mark your calendars for the next installment of the Blogger’s Quilt Festival! It’s coming May 15-29, I’ll share more in the coming weeks, but get your quilts ready now.

Today’s featured quilter is Liza from Quiltifications! Liza has a great reply for why she quilts – I hope you enjoy getting to know her and her quilts!


1. When did you begin quilting?

My first quilt was made of doublemint gum wrappers in 1969 and it was made for my sister’s barbie doll. It was more woven than pieced, but between us we managed to imagine enough detail to make it work. The first real, useable bed quilt I gave as a gift was made in 1982. I guess that means I’ve been quilting for about 35 years, but yikes. That makes me seem really old.

2. Why do you quilt?

I quilt because it … Read More »

Quiltcast #65 :: Using Your Fabric Stash

Posted on February 12th, by Amy in podcast, Quiltcast. 2 comments

Moving beyond fabric collections to make beautiful and unique quilts, with fabrics curated by you, from your fabric stash! April and I share tips to combine fabrics with success!

Here’s our tips, be sure to listen in for more info.

1 – A lot of your stash will be cohesive since you chose it to begin with.

2 – Select three colors, pull fabrics to work with them. Looking for subtle variations.

3 – Practice and time will improve your combinations.

4 – Pick one fabric, with a lot of color as a focal to select coordinates.

5 – Select on fabric, to pull solid colors from for a solid quilt that is unique.

6 – Scale, always needs to be a factor, but depends on your pattern too.

7 – Start with a precut, but add a couple of other prints to the group.

8 – Select fabrics in … Read More »

Featuring Ben :: A Blogger’s Quilt Festival Quilter!

Posted on February 6th, by Amy in Featured Quilter. 7 comments

Today’s featured quitter is Ben! Ben blogs at Huntspatch Quilts, and has some fantastic quilts to share with us today. I hope you enjoy getting to know Ben a little better –

1. When did you begin quilting?

I began quilting in 2011.  I had been intrigued by the idea for some time, and had thought I would give it a try upon retirement.  But after purchasing a sewing machine for a different purpose, I started experimenting and got hooked.  (I haven’t made it to retirement yet.


2. Why do you quilt?

I get ideas in my head that just want to get out.  In a way, I think we were meant to be creative.

3. What is your favorite quilting tip?

I attach my bindings by machine, as a number of quilters do, but before I do, I zig-zag around the quilt with fusible thread … Read More »

Quiltcast #64 :: Fabric Storage

Posted on February 4th, by Amy in podcast, Quiltcast. 1 Comment

Regardless of how big your fabric collection is, storing it nicely is a fun challenge for quilters everywhere! Listen in as April and I discuss our fabric storage solutions, and issues.

We tend to both use shelves to keep things organized –

Stacked fabric, in piles

-by color

-backing yardage in one zone

-solids by color, separate from prints

-minky/flannel; non-quilting cotton substrates, separate from cottons

-precuts; charms, fat quarter bundles, layer cakes, jelly rolls

-folded in the same size, with raw edges inside

Check for April’s staged studio pictures here

My current space is here


Our Fabric Storage pinterest board has loads of organization inspiration, these are a few that we found:

CD Racks – great for vertical storage

Hanging file folders

Pant hangers

Skirt hangers

over the door shoe holder, for little bits and bobs


Share your methods, and tips with us in the comments! We’d love to learn from you :)

Follow us on IG – @amyscreativeside … Read More »

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