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Chic Neutrals

Posted on March 30th, by Amy in My Fabric. 20 comments

I’m so excited to share Chic Neutrals with you finally! I’ve been working on this fabric line on the computer for months, but to finally have it in fabric is amazing! Chic Neutrals will be in quilt shops a little later this summer.

I selected my favorite greys, and added in some yellow and purple to enrich all the grey. It reminds me of twilight, or a night in the city, with the bright lights and heavy shadows. There’s always something exciting around the next corner – I can’t wait to see what you sew up with Chic Neutrals!

There’s 38 cotton prints, and 8 linen prints too:

I always appreciate the weight and feel of linen in quilts and bags. Do you put linen in your quilts? Just curious.

To go with Chic Neutral fabrics, I have 3 new quilt patterns, a tote and … Read More »

Featuring Cheryl :: A Blogger’s Quilt Festival Quilter!

Posted on March 27th, by Amy in Featured Quilter. 2 comments

Cheryl is sharing her quilts with us today! I hope you enjoy getting to know Cheryl and her quilts more. Cheryl blogs at Meadow Mist Designs, be sure to stop over and say hi there too!


1.  When did you begin quilting?

I began quilting about 4 years ago when my daughter was moving from a crib into a toddler bed and needed some new bedding.  I had always loved quilts, but had not done much sewing beyond HomeEc in middle school and a few easy Halloween costumes.  I read tons of blogs to learn everything I could about quilting and jumped right in.  That first quilt had me totally hooked.  I have since taken over the guest room as my sewing room and use quilting as a creative and relaxing outlet.

2.  Why do you quilt?

As a mother of two little children, … Read More »

Quiltcast #70 :: Quilty Housekeeping

Posted on March 25th, by Amy in podcast, Quiltcast. 3 comments

Battings and labels are both needed in our quilts even if they aren’t the main attraction, but there’s so many options for both! Listen in for our favorite battings and ways to label a quilt.

Check at your local quilt shop, or long armer to purchase batting.

Cotton, polyester battings are most commonly found.

Warm & Natural is 90% cotton 10% polyester

Wool battings are super soft, light weight and treated not to shrink as much as might think.

Soy & bamboo battings are renewable, and hypoallergenic.

Silk is very luxurious, but fussy. Best used in quilts that won’t be washed often, and small enough to hand wash.

Warm Company FAQ

Pellon FAQ

Explore the battings that are out there.

Labels don’t have to be elaborate, but do need to be included.

Spoonflower, print your own labels with info, then quilt into the back. Or try some of these labels.

Printed labels … Read More »

Featuring Karen :: A Blogger’s Quilt Festival Quilter!

Posted on March 20th, by Amy in Featured Quilter. 3 comments

Hi friends! I want to direct you to the Blogger’s Quilt Festival page set up here. I’ve updated the dates and added a new logo to the page – I’m looking forward to seeing all the quilts again in a couple of months!

Today’s featured quilter is Karen, if you haven’t met Karen yet I hope you will take a few moments to get to know her better. Karen blogs at Quilts…etc. and does a lot of beautiful handwork – Enjoy —

1. When did you begin quilting? 

I made my first quilt about 40 years ago and it was horrible!  I made another one about 5 years later and then another about 5 years after that.  About 25 years ago I really got into it.  I had developed some chronic medical problems that will be with me for life and I really needed … Read More »

Quiltcast #69 :: What’s Your Favorite Color?

Posted on March 19th, by Amy in podcast, Quiltcast. No Comments

Making a gift for someone can be very rewarding and fun, but the color palette is often a challenge! Here’s our tips for finding the right colors for the gifts you are sewing.

What’s your favorite color?

Check out current decor in their home, and use it as a jumping off point.

What color do you not like?

Check out their online likes on Pinterest or Facebook, for clues into what they like.

Wedding quilt, maybe use their wedding colors as an inspiration point.

Design Seeds has lovely palettes.

Palette Builder on Moda’s website, upload a photo to select Bella solids from.

Style of fabric can be tricky too, see what they are drawn to, wear, carry, surround themselves with.

Klutz Glove – medium or large – protect your fingers while cutting with a rotary cutter.

Featuring Sherri :: A Blogger’s Quilt Festival Quilter!

Posted on March 13th, by Amy in Featured Quilter. 1 Comment

Hi there! Today’s featured quilter is Sherri! Sherri blogs at RebeccaMaeDesigns, and she has some bright and beautiful quilts to share! I hope you enjoy getting to know Sherri better —

1. When did you begin quilting?

My mom had an old singer sewing machine when I was growing up and I loved sewing on it, but I didn’t make my first quilt until I was in college (25 years ago! ugh!).  It was a nine patch, and I still believe that’s the best starter quilt!

2. Why do you quilt?

I love anything handmade but I just have a passion for quilts.  I’m just drawn to them… old, new, vintage, modern… I love them all!  I have a quilt passed down from my great great grandmother and I hope someday my great great grandchildren will find comfort in a quilt I’ve made.

3. What is your favorite quilting tip?

Sometimes a quilter gets caught up in the ‘right way’ to quilt.  Quilting is art in my opinion.  There … Read More »

A Modern Twist :: Review & Giveaway!

Posted on March 10th, by Amy in give away, review. 127 comments

A Modern Twist: Create Quilts with a Colorful Spin by Natalie Barnes, is a great new book that came out last month. Natalie spent many years as an interior designer in LA and has now focused all her design mojo on quilt patterns and quilting!

I’ve known Natalie for a few years now, going to Market, and interacting via email and online. The thing YOU need to know about Natalie, is how generous and encouraging she is. Her voice is very evident throughout the book, and she has taken some of the most important elements in design and offers them in quilting terms, giving you current tools for your quilting toolbox.

Color + Contrast + Composition

My favorite design element is contrast, and not always high contrast! I love creating subtle differences in quilts by using similar tones, and various scales of fabric. To … Read More »

Featuring Kim :: A Blogger’s Quilt Festival Quilter!

Posted on March 6th, by Amy in Featured Quilter. 1 Comment

Kim is a friend that I’ve yet to meet in real life, but always love it when we have a chance to catch up! Kim blogs at Persimon Dreams, and constantly quilting up something new – If you haven’t seen Project QUILTING, be sure to read to the bottom. I hope you enjoy getting to know Kim and her quilts –

1. When did you begin quilting?

When I was five, my parents went on a trip to look for a house for us in Wisconsin.  My Grandma came to stay with us while they were gone.  She taught me how to sew and I sewed together the scraps from  my mom’s rag bin (including the furry toilet seat cover) into a quilt for my brother.  Of course he LOVED it!  I’ve always been creative but I didn’t do too much sewing … Read More »

Quiltcast #68 :: Selecting Patterns for Your Precuts

Posted on March 4th, by Amy in podcast, Quiltcast. 3 comments

Use those precuts that (somehow) collect on your fabric shelves! Learn what to look for when selecting patterns for your precuts, and get started on your next quilt!

Find a pattern that uses a background so you can add a solid precut, or yardage for additional contrast, and a bigger quilt.

To highlight your fabrics, don’t cut them down too small – look for a simple pattern.

Shop smart and stay focused on your precut :

Missouri Star Quilt Company – Pattern per precut

Fat Quarter Shop – Pattern per precut

Moda Bake Shop – Great free resource

Think about sewing an accessory instead of a quilt, table runner, tote bag etc.

April has these precut patterns :: First Date, Cozy Cabin, Windspinner, He Zigs She Zags

Amy has these precut projects in her books :: Twisted Bars, Modern Mirrors, Posie Patch, Basic Postage


We always welcome your feedback!

All of our … Read More »

Pillow Collective :: Think Big Edition WINNERS

Posted on March 2nd, by Amy in Pillow Collective, Think Big. 12 comments

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend – it’s been a quiet weekend with my family for me. We have a new puppy, Gus has been with us for about three weeks and a ton of fun! He’s a good puppy, and is fitting in well with the family, but keeps us on our toes for sure. Shoes are put away, and the kitchen floor is clean!

I know that many of you aren’t interested in Gus though – here’s the winners from last weeks Pillow Collective :

Deb Girotti – Gardenvale bundle

Nancy Haskins – Gardenvale bundle

Camille Mendel – Indigo bundle

Barb @ Mountain Quiltworks – Lost and Found 2 Rolie Polie

Tiffany S  –  Cloud9 flannels

Jacklynn Grimm – Modern Neutrals Quilt!

**I need you to each email me, as pinterest doesn’t make that info easily available to me. Thanks!

I hope you had fun learning more about Think Big – … Read More »

Featuring Vicky :: A Blogger’s Quilt Festival Quilter!

Posted on February 27th, by Amy in Featured Quilter. 9 comments

Vicky is a recent adopter to the quilting community, but she’s jumped in with both feet! I hope you enjoy getting to know Vicky better –

1. When did you begin quilting? 
I actually didn’t start sewing or quilting before I was gifted a sewing machine in early 2014. So not for that long, but I haven’t looked back since I started!

2. Why do you quilt?
I quilt for the love of fabric, maths and patterns. I love the endless possibilities that come with designing and sewing a quilt top and the additional texture of the quilting.

3. What is your favorite quilting tip?
I’m still leanring so much, but one thing I found is that most of the time there isn’t only just one right way to do something when it comes to patchwork and quilting. Don’t fear to break the rules sometimes! I … Read More »

Pillow Collective :: Think Big Edition

Posted on February 27th, by Amy in Pillow Collective. No Comments

This week has flown by with the Pillow Collective here! There’s four ladies sharing their pillows today :

Debbie Grifka

Christa Watson

Melissa Corry

Heather Valentine

I’ll be back on Monday with winners! Details about the giveaways are here. The coupon code “ILovePillows” is valid through the weekend – for 30% off signed copies of Think Big in my shop!

Have a great weekend :)

xo – Amy

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