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There’s always lots of little things to be doing, I’m so glad that yesterday’s sewing time (thou little) was spent doing something that I hope, will offer comfort.

In case you missed this info in my last post;

Pillowcases can be mailed to:

Quilters Corner, 312 Danbury Rd, New Milford, CT. 06776

Other doing?

I’ve been teaching my girls to cross-stitch, and loving the bits of bonding we are sharing over thread.  I found these kits locally, and we’ve swapped out the thread for Aurifil colors that I had on hand already.  12wt is so nice to stitch with!

Today, I need to work out teacher gifts, quickly.  Tomorrow is the last day of school before the break!

Blessings to you,


Simple Comforts

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Hi Friends – like me, I’m sure many of you have hugged your kids a little closer this last weekend.  My heart is so heavy for those grieving families, and the traumatized kids in the Connecticut community.  While on Facebook, over the weekend, I found many of my quilting friends sharing a post, about a local shop in Connecticut collecting pillowcases.  In an effort to offer comfort to the kids at Sandy Hook Elementary, Quilter’s Corner is collecting 600+ pillowcases and would love to have your help in the effort.

I’m planning to make a couple and get them in the mail early this week!  Also, I have a quick and simple tutorial for a pillowcase Sophia made a couple years ago, if she can do it – I know you can too!

 Pillowcases can be mailed to:

Quilters … Read More »

Get Involved :: Gabe’s Gifts

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Amanda’s project is one of emotional healing and recovery.  I wanted to help her get the word out and invited her to write a post and share her story with all of you.  Here’s Amanda:
Hi!  My name is Amanda.  I write 2 craft blogs.

We Are The Joneses is my little spot in blogworld where I share everything made by me.

And Today’s Top 20 is where I share the best of the craft world – 20 projects each day.  I always share 5 sewing projects, 5 crafts, 5 free prints and 5 recipes.

I’m so happy that Amy is letting me post here today because it’s something so special to me.
This year I started a project called Gabe’s Gifts.  It is a year long blanket drive to honor our son Gabe.  I miscarried him last August.  My husband and I … Read More »

Modern Relief Japan

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Hi there!  Over the last couple of weeks I have been working with Erin to organize a number of generous quilters, donating quilts to an auction that will raise funds for Japan.  

I am always amazed at the outpouring of generosity from quilters, and this round of Modern Relief will be fantastic!  Go check out the group of quilts released today, and learn how you can make a difference in the lives of those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Remember this little gem?

It’s a Hoot Baby!  Was made for Moda Bake Shop, and I have decided to include it in the raffle.

It measures 40″ square, and just right for snuggles.

The back shows off the quilting.  (I’m so glad our snow … Read More »

{Modern} Relief Winners!

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and the grand total collected is:

PayPal balance: $5,852.36 USD

Thanks again for making our first { Modern } Relief a huge success!!

We had 621 donations!!  All winners were picked via with a range of 1-621


Heather from { House } of A La Mode+263=Fat Quarter Shop

Amy from Amy’s Creative Side #1+378=Michelle E.B.

Amy from Amy’s Creative Side #2+210=Eileen D.

Elizabeth from Oh, Fransson!+371=Suzanne G.

Nettie from a quilt is nice+43=Trish P.

Aneela from Comfortstitching+95=Lesley E.

Brioni from Flossyblossy+337=Lori M.

John from Quilt Dad+215=Karen A.

Kate from One Flew Over+594=Jane L.

Ashley from Film in the Fridge+93=Megan H.

Katy from i’m a ginger monkey+24=Nicole M.

Tacha from Hanies+248=D’Ann P.

Amanda from Sasikirana Handmade+111=Monica H.

Read More »

Project Updates

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Hi there!  I’ve been working here and there on my table runners.  My favorite thing right now is covering a wood cutting board with a towel so I can watch TV with Joe and iron at the same time.  Works great!

After pressing seams last night, I got the girls to school this morning and came home to finish one set of blocks!  I love the way it’s coming together!  I have layer cakes that I’m using, so 2 runners from each, and there’s still plenty left for a third if I want, but I will probably use it for bindings.

Thank you all so much for your heart warming donations and participation in our first { Modern } Relief fundraiser in support of World Vision’s efforts to end hunger! We have now collected an amazing $5810.00!! The raffle … Read More »

{ Modern } Relief

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I’m pleased to be included in a group of quilters working together to make a difference in another person’s life.  No matter how challenging the day to day life is here, my life is blessed.  I am blessed.  This is a simple way to get involved in changing lives –
{ Modern } Relief is a simple concept. We are Modern Quilters uniting through the holiday season by bringing the warmth of our quilts and the warmth of your hearts together for others in need. This season, 2010, we will be supporting World Vision. We hope YOU will join us in taking a stand against hunger by participating in our fundraising raffle. Please let me introduce to you World Vision.

World Vision is leading the effort to end hunger.

In the next seven seconds, another hungry child will die.

World Vision is on … Read More »

My Contribution

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Last week I shared an opportunity to sew up baby blankets for baby’s without.  Over the weekend, I pulled out fabrics that had been given to me or purchased, but never used.  I ended up with 15 blankets complete on Sunday afternoon!

I spent a few hours ironing, then cutting, then sewing everything together, thankfully Ella likes to help iron, and sew!

There’s still time to help out with Amy’s project, if you would like to sew up blankets or send some fabric for blankets.  Check out her blog for more details and regular updates.

How’s your challenge project going?  I cut my Sweet Divinity quilt top yesterday…I’m excited to sew it up!



Gifts of Love

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Hi there!  My college roommate and friend, Amy has taken on a new project and she needs help!  I asked her to share a little bit about it here so we can help out.

. . . providing blankets and onesies to children worldwide.

*Tell us about your new project.

It is a new ministry whose goal is to provide receiving blankets and onesies for those in need worldwide.  We only currently have 2 locations to send them but our hope is that as word spreads and our volunteer base increases we will become aware of more needs that we can help meet.

*What prompted you to start this ministry?

I was sitting in church last Sunday and the Pastor’s daughter shared with us the needs of a ministry in South Sudan called In Deed and Truth.  We all … Read More »

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