Unexpected Break!

Posted on November 26th, by Amy in books, embroidery, Modern Basics. 6 comments

Hi there! I did not anticipate being away from this space last week! How are you?  My most exciting news, is the arrival of my Modern Basics II advance copy!

It took me by surprise, as I wasn’t expecting it quite yet!  I’m very excited to share this book, and all 14 projects included, with you in the coming weeks!  For right now, I’ve added the option for you to pre-order your autographed copy, it will begin shipping early January!

I have had a great week with family, and now look forward to getting back in our regular routines. I have done very little sewing, but do have two finishes to share later this week.

They need to go through the wash and I will photograph them right away!

I want to remind you about the Ornament hop with Aurifil – be … Read More »

Christmas Ornament Hop

Posted on November 6th, by Amy in Block of the Month, embroidery. 254 comments

The holiday’s will be here before we know it and to help you get ready for them, we have a fun filled blog hop just for you!

The 2012 Aurifil designers have gotten together and designed some wonderful Christmas ornaments that are quick, easy and perfect for gift giving.

We will be bringing you 3 blogs each Tuesday for four weeks…that’s 3 ornaments each week for a total of twelve perfect little bits of holiday cheer!

Today I’m starting the hop off with Sherri and Gail – visit their blogs to collect all the patterns! There are wonderful thread prizes at the end of the hop too! Enter to win by leaving a comment on each participating post. 

Our family loves to collect ornaments, year to year, and I’m so excited to make ornaments over … Read More »

Pocket Pixies Baby Quilt

Posted on August 30th, by Amy in embroidery, finished quilt. 13 comments

A quick finish for a sweet new baby!

I actually haven’t met her, but I assume she’s sweet, she’s a baby girl!

I added her name and birthday in embroidery, and couldn’t resist tracing the fabric in thread.

I bound it by machine, so it can be used and washed again and again.  And generally had fun working with these sweet fabrics!

The quilting is random, and whimsical just like all the fabrics in the quilt.  I backed it with Kona Amethyst, and used three strands of rose floss for the embroidery.

I think my favorite part is the embroidery – what’s yours?


Embroidery Color Wheel – Stitches

Posted on November 9th, by Amy in embroidery. 22 comments

Are you making a color wheel!? I would love to know if you are :) leave me a comment or email me and I will make a list in my sidebar, so I can keep up with you!

A quick project recap –– In this post I showed you my large color wheel done in embroidery.– In this post I shared the DMC numbers with you.– In this post I showed you how I like to get started.

Now to start stitching! I start with 18″ of floss, work one color at a time, and plan to go back with a second length as needed later. Let’s start with a quick back stitch to mark the circle (if you want to!) –With the back stitch you start in the center and move to the back of the drawn … Read More »

Color Wheel Supplies —

Posted on October 29th, by Amy in embroidery. 5 comments

Color wheel supplies:Have you managed to collect yours? I thought a 6″ hoop seemed more doable right now, use any size hoop that you have or want to use! I use the ruler to divide the space up.I tried measuring and it didn’t work! Just eyeball based on the number of colors you are using. I will be using 12, after dividing it into quarters, I eyeballed the thirds from there. If you are using a large hoop – you may need to put a few books under to draw your lines.If you want a circle, look around the house for a few circles and audition the sizes.Center as best as possible and trace. I used a cup base first, but it was too big. This is a 2 Tbsp measuring cup/spoon.All of … Read More »

Embroidery Color Wheel Details

Posted on October 22nd, by Amy in embroidery. 15 comments

Well I’m so flattered that you all love my color wheel! I’ve worked on it here and there over the course of a month – it could be done faster, but I was mulling over options and need time to make decisions. Enough of you asked about the dmc numbers so I thought I would share.

I put the star with the colors I felt were directly from the color wheel, and I’m thinking my next color wheel maybe with those 12. Oh, and there’s 26 colors here, it would be easier to eliminate 2 and have a easy, even number to work into the circle. I found a dmc color chart, if you would like to see the colors. I know there’s a few esty sellers letting you select colors of floss, be sure to … Read More »

Color Wheel Project

Posted on October 20th, by Amy in embroidery. 69 comments

My color wheel inspiration post started me on an adventure! As I usually buy fabric per project, I don’t have a stash to collect color samples from, so I went searching for fabric online. My quick realization was that I could not afford to purchase the fabric needed, even for a small quilt. So my next thought was floss! I found a group of embroidery hoops for cheap on ebay, with a 16″ hoop in it, and snatched it up. I searched for color wheel groups of floss online, but that is really hard to do on the computer.So I happened to go to JoAnn’s the weekend it was on sale, and spent around $12 for a full color spectrum in floss, and a color wheel! An actual color wheel has 12 colors … Read More »

A Glimpse –

Posted on October 14th, by Amy in embroidery. 28 comments

Remember this post?

I’m not ready to share the whole thing, but this is what I have been working on in my off-computer time the last couple of weeks. . . more soon. I promise!! I’m super excited, and couldn’t wait to share – sorry for the tease. Really I am!

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A Football Diversion

Posted on January 12th, by Amy in embroidery. 21 comments

The weekend was full of football around here. Was it the same for you? My shoulder had been hurting (I think I slept weird) so I opted to not quilt and do some embroidery.Emmalie checked in with me often for a status update: “How many more flowers, mommy?” It was fitting that her fingers be in the picture :) I found a vintage transfer on flickr – and quickly taped it up to the window. That’s the most professional way right!? I had fun, while Joe watched football, and I even learned a few new stitches too!

Here’s a question for you – When I first learned to do cross-stitch (as a girl, with grandma) I was taught to use two strands of floss. A book I have reccomends all 6 … Read More »

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