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Posted on February 28th, by Amy in give away, guest post. 3 comments

Today you can find me over at A Little Bit Biased, where Amber invited me to share about my studio.

Click over to read about my sewing space, and where I’m storing my growing stash!


I also want to share with you all the winner from the Girls in the Garden Hop!  #45 was the lucky winner –

Congratulations Amy!  Pat will be in touch with you soon!

Thanks everyone for stopping by on the hop – it was great to meet some new friends!

If you did not win you can purchase your patterns here, or here.  Enjoy!


Go see me at A Little Bit Biased!

It’ll be fun – promise ;)


Quilt Class 101 at Chasing Cottons

Posted on April 16th, by Amy in guest post. 1 Comment

Go visit me at Chasing Cottons, for a bit of inspiration and a chance to win my book!
The giveaway ends Tuesday, April 19 – 9pm – Australia time.
Thanks Rebecca!

Psst – I’m over here!

Posted on July 6th, by Amy in guest post. 20 comments

I’ve posted over at Stash Manicure today!  Check out my post there – I even posted a little tutorial for making Dresden plates :)

Check out what Ella made yesterday –

She’s so excited!

Go check out my guest post – Thanks!Amy—————————————————Next steps:Subscribe to Amy’s Creative SideShop with AmyFollow Me on TwitterBecome a fan of Amy’s Creative Side on FacebookEmail me

Meet Rita, & Mochi Studios!

Posted on February 9th, by Amy in guest post. 10 comments

I asked Rita a few questions to get to know her and her business better!  I hope you love Rita’s creations as much as I do!

AboutMochi Studios:
Mochi Studios is a place of hand made wonders and cute creations stitched with love by Rita.Her passion for hand made delights carries throughout all her creations fromthe tiniest mushroom to the cuddly plush toys that all keep you smiling. Herprojects are born from spur of the moment inspiration with a style that isvibrantly playful and full of kick-you-in-the-face detailing. Her favoritetimes to work are late at night when angry neighbors start to complain of hersewing machine rumbling their ceiling, during long drawn out phone conferences,and on nice sun filled evenings just before twilight with a cup of boba milktea as her fuel. Her creations will charm you with their looks and defeat … Read More »

Meet Tara!

Posted on February 3rd, by Amy in guest post. 16 comments

Tara is taking a look at hand-printed textiles and the beautiful addition they can make to our creations.  I hope you enjoy a fresh look at fabric ——–

if you’re looking to add a certain *je ne sais quoi* to your projectsbig or small, you must check out the wide assortment of hand-printedtextiles available online. these fabrics are not only designedindependently but they are printed screen by screen in a process that,frankly, blows my mind a little.

textiles by greenolivetextiles 
pouch & journal cover by buttontreelane (via flickr)

since each piece is printed by hand, there is a deeply organicquality to each section of the fabric. a small smudge or drip – thoughrare – shouldn’t be thought of as a flaw but as what makes the fabrictruly unique.

textiles & finished items by lu summers

the three selections i chose represent two basic trends inprinted textiles … Read More »

Meet Natalia!

Posted on December 31st, by Amy in guest post. 10 comments

Hello everyone! I’m Natalia

from Piece N Quilt.

I am so honored that Amy asked me to be a guest blogger on her blog today.
How did I get into quilting? I was born on my great grandmas birthday. Even though she died when I was very young I have always claimed that she is my sewing inspiration. She was a very avid hand quilter and won many awards for her work. Growing up my mom owned a custom curtain and drapery business. I loved watching the ladies sew and would take their scraps and make my own quilts, which were pretty scary.

This is my very first quilt, I used all sorts of different scraps and I think now it’s scary but it actually went to the state fair and won a blue ribbon there.

Throughout the years I continued to sew and … Read More »

Meet Vicki!

Posted on December 18th, by Amy in guest post. 7 comments

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my blogging milestone! I’m not going to be able to respond to you each individually – but know that your comments mean so much to me – Thanks!

Vicki is a blogger friend I met a while back, and I wanted you all to get to know her too! I love her attention to detail in her projects and her love for her family. Enjoy ~

Hi! I’m Vicki and I blog at Sew Inspired. I grew up in Utah but in 2003 our family moved to the Kansas City suburbs. I have 3 kids ages 9, 5, and 1, and my husband and I have been married for 12 years.

I wanted to share a bit about my sewing history and show off one of … Read More »

Meet Candy!

Posted on December 9th, by Amy in give away, guest post. 40 comments

A guest post for you! I totally admire Candy’s sense of color and style, and wanted you all to meet her – enjoy!

ETA: And the winner is — Mombrose aka Heather!

Amazing art! So beautiful! :) I love the Ocean Surf Scarf colors! :D They are all so beautiful but my closet is fairly monotone in the blue family :D!

You should have an email from me – Congratulations!!

Hi There! My name is Candy, an art quilter working exclusively with my own hand dyed fabrics – they’re “Candied Fabric”! Amy’s asked me to tell you folks a little bit about what I do, and I’m honored to share a bit of my process with you.

With the roots of a traditional quilter, I LOVE … Read More »

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