Modern Basics and More!

Posted on January 10th, by Amy in Inspiration, Modern Basics, moments. 18 comments

I hope you had a great weekend!  I did!  I spent Saturday being lazy in the morning, first week back to school was a little rough.  Then in the afternoon, I met up with Erin and her family, they were escaping the inversion (yucky air) down in the valley.  Finally, I went to Season of Home where Natalia has her quilts hanging this month, and had a chance to chat with her too!  I’ve grown close to both these ladies in the last year, we first met online (of course), but since Natalia quilted all my book quilts, and Erin is my partner/co-conspirator for The Sewing Summit.  After a busy Saturday, I spent Sunday getting laundry done (still not folded) and watching football with the family!  Lots of fun, and a little sewing mixed in.

Having gotten my advance copy of Modern … Read More »

Daily Life – Moments

Posted on November 16th, by Amy in moments. 18 comments

Our days are sometimes jumbled but often look something like this —

6:30-7:30 amI get up! It depends on how late I stayed up the night before, but when possible I like to have a little quiet time, and coffee to wake up, before everyone needs something. I usually take a moment to turn on my computer, and scan my email for anything needing my attention.

I try to start each day with the table clear, like this –7:30Wake up the big girls if they aren’t up already. Then it’s the usual busyness of getting two girls out the door. And I throw clothes on to get them to school :)

8:30Drive girls to school and come home to enjoy my last (3rd) cup of coffee! With my coffee & breakfast I check email/twitter/facebook/reader, and write a … Read More »

Weekend Moments

Posted on November 1st, by Amy in moments. 14 comments

Friday evening sewing with Ella —I have a set of stockings nearly complete and ready to share with you.

Saturday evening trick-or-treating —Ella’s a cat, complete with robe tie tail. Emmalie pulled her Sleeping Beauty dress out of the dress up bin. Sophia found the Tinkerbell dress up clothes. And Owen is just being himself – he didn’t go out :) Halloween is low-key in our house.

Currently — I’m making the most of having to slow down and wash the dishes, for today.You ask – “Amy, are there dishwasher parts on your messy counter and floor?” Yes! Yes there are! As many of you guessed the dishwasher made a big mess for us overnight on Friday – what a joy to wake up too – sarcasm – Joe has found the trouble … Read More »

I’m a Winner!

Posted on October 27th, by Amy in give away, moments. 22 comments

That feels really good to say! I think everyone should be able to say that every once in a while :) Such a good boost! While the Quilt Festival was going on I managed to visit a few of you and left comments – one turned me into a giveaway winner.Rene had an unannounced giveaway and happened to select my number! How great is that!? Thank you Rene! I love the kit and never would have bought it for myself!My friend Amy has started a group to share moments, all of them, not just the glossy perfect moments that often end up on the blog. So you should notice that I did not clear the entire table before taking these pictures, and I did not crop the extra stuff out either. … Read More »

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