Quiltcast #72 :: Current Happenings

Posted on April 22nd, by Amy in podcast, Quiltcast. 1 Comment

A quick catch up with April, while baby Hazel napped for a few minutes. For sweet, new baby pictures, visit April’s instagram!

Check out fabric images here and here. And shop for patterns here and here.

We will be back next week with a more complete podcast – Thanks for listening!


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Quiltcast #71 :: Sewing for Babys

Posted on April 2nd, by Amy in podcast, Quiltcast. 1 Comment

Most everyone knows an expecting mom, and sewing for a new baby or mom is always fun! Check our group of tutorials before you sew a gift for the next baby shower.

Amy’s new fabric and patterns can be seen here, and April’s new fabric can be seen here!


Latch cover

Cart covers

Single layer flannel swaddling blankets

Changing mat with pocket for diapers and supplies

Burp cloths – with absorbent backing


Sleep sack

Crib sheet

Dressed up onesies



Baby gowns

Share your favorite tutorials, or best shower gift that you like to give with us!


We always welcome your feedback!

All of our episodes are available here on the blog, on iTunes and Stitcher.

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Quiltcast #70 :: Quilty Housekeeping

Posted on March 25th, by Amy in podcast, Quiltcast. 3 comments

Battings and labels are both needed in our quilts even if they aren’t the main attraction, but there’s so many options for both! Listen in for our favorite battings and ways to label a quilt.

Check at your local quilt shop, or long armer to purchase batting.

Cotton, polyester battings are most commonly found.

Warm & Natural is 90% cotton 10% polyester

Wool battings are super soft, light weight and treated not to shrink as much as might think.

Soy & bamboo battings are renewable, and hypoallergenic.

Silk is very luxurious, but fussy. Best used in quilts that won’t be washed often, and small enough to hand wash.

Warm Company FAQ

Pellon FAQ

Explore the battings that are out there.

Labels don’t have to be elaborate, but do need to be included.

Spoonflower, print your own labels with info, then quilt into the back. Or try some of these labels.

Printed labels … Read More »

Quiltcast #69 :: What’s Your Favorite Color?

Posted on March 19th, by Amy in podcast, Quiltcast. No Comments

Making a gift for someone can be very rewarding and fun, but the color palette is often a challenge! Here’s our tips for finding the right colors for the gifts you are sewing.

What’s your favorite color?

Check out current decor in their home, and use it as a jumping off point.

What color do you not like?

Check out their online likes on Pinterest or Facebook, for clues into what they like.

Wedding quilt, maybe use their wedding colors as an inspiration point.

Design Seeds has lovely palettes.

Palette Builder on Moda’s website, upload a photo to select Bella solids from.

Style of fabric can be tricky too, see what they are drawn to, wear, carry, surround themselves with.

Klutz Glove – medium or large – protect your fingers while cutting with a rotary cutter.

Quiltcast #68 :: Selecting Patterns for Your Precuts

Posted on March 4th, by Amy in podcast, Quiltcast. 3 comments

Use those precuts that (somehow) collect on your fabric shelves! Learn what to look for when selecting patterns for your precuts, and get started on your next quilt!

Find a pattern that uses a background so you can add a solid precut, or yardage for additional contrast, and a bigger quilt.

To highlight your fabrics, don’t cut them down too small – look for a simple pattern.

Shop smart and stay focused on your precut :

Missouri Star Quilt Company – Pattern per precut

Fat Quarter Shop – Pattern per precut

Moda Bake Shop – Great free resource

Think about sewing an accessory instead of a quilt, table runner, tote bag etc.

April has these precut patterns :: First Date, Cozy Cabin, Windspinner, He Zigs She Zags

Amy has these precut projects in her books :: Twisted Bars, Modern Mirrors, Posie Patch, Basic Postage


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Quiltcast #67 :: Growing a Fabric Stash (& Chat with Jenny Doan)

Posted on February 25th, by Amy in podcast, Quiltcast. 3 comments

Just home from Quiltcon, I’ve got a few experiences to share, and I was fortunate enough to sit down with Jenny Doan to talk about ModBlock. April and I are also talking about what to look for when growing a fabric stash!

The photos of quilts at Quiltcon, that I took are here.

ModBlock is available here!

Missouri Star Quilt Co youtube channel here.

Growing a stash

April’s stash pictured above.

1/2 yards are our favorites to stash

Look for tone on tone, usually one color with a neutral mixed in, keep it simple when looking for prints. Listen in for more tips!


April’s giveaway ends this week – Check out all the details here, and enter to win!


Pillow Collective :: Think Big Edition has been a ton of fun – check out the details here and enter to win fabric or even a quilt, by me!


We always welcome … Read More »

Quiltcast #66 :: Top 5 Apps

Posted on February 18th, by Amy in podcast, Quiltcast. No Comments

Catch up with us, and what we’ve been working on in our studios.

Check out the Pillow Collective details here. And enter April’s book contest here.


April’s favorite apps:



Rhonna Designs

Kaufman Quilt Calculator




Amy’s favorite apps:


Pages Facebook manager


One King’s Lane

Cooking Light



Our shared Pinterest boards – Stitched Gifts, Gifts for Quilters, Quilt Storage, Fabric Storage

Those are our current fave’s share yours in the comments, we’d love to know!


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Quiltcast #65 :: Using Your Fabric Stash

Posted on February 12th, by Amy in podcast, Quiltcast. 2 comments

Moving beyond fabric collections to make beautiful and unique quilts, with fabrics curated by you, from your fabric stash! April and I share tips to combine fabrics with success!

Here’s our tips, be sure to listen in for more info.

1 – A lot of your stash will be cohesive since you chose it to begin with.

2 – Select three colors, pull fabrics to work with them. Looking for subtle variations.

3 – Practice and time will improve your combinations.

4 – Pick one fabric, with a lot of color as a focal to select coordinates.

5 – Select on fabric, to pull solid colors from for a solid quilt that is unique.

6 – Scale, always needs to be a factor, but depends on your pattern too.

7 – Start with a precut, but add a couple of other prints to the group.

8 – Select fabrics in … Read More »

Quiltcast #64 :: Fabric Storage

Posted on February 4th, by Amy in podcast, Quiltcast. 1 Comment

Regardless of how big your fabric collection is, storing it nicely is a fun challenge for quilters everywhere! Listen in as April and I discuss our fabric storage solutions, and issues.

We tend to both use shelves to keep things organized –

Stacked fabric, in piles

-by color

-backing yardage in one zone

-solids by color, separate from prints

-minky/flannel; non-quilting cotton substrates, separate from cottons

-precuts; charms, fat quarter bundles, layer cakes, jelly rolls

-folded in the same size, with raw edges inside

Check for April’s staged studio pictures here

My current space is here


Our Fabric Storage pinterest board has loads of organization inspiration, these are a few that we found:

CD Racks – great for vertical storage

Hanging file folders

Pant hangers

Skirt hangers

over the door shoe holder, for little bits and bobs


Share your methods, and tips with us in the comments! We’d love to learn from you :)

Follow us on IG – @amyscreativeside … Read More »

Quiltcast #63 :: Quilt Storage

Posted on January 21st, by Amy in podcast, Quiltcast. 1 Comment

As quilters we tend to collect quilts! Today April and I are sharing best practices in caring for and storing your quilts. We hope you will share your Quilt Storage solutions with us too!



April’s giveaway is happening here!

The Quilt Storage pin board is here.

Cardboard tube for rolling quilts.

Quilt Ladders, and display racks are always fun if you have the space.

Swim noodle for rolling quilts as well – just make a casing to cover the noodle before you wrap your quilt around it. Check this post out.

Muslin bags, made yourself to fit your quilt. A lot of ladies in my guild make a matching pillow case to store the quilt in when it’s not in use. Then when it’s on the bed you have a pillowcase to match too!

International Quilt Study Center has beautiful quilts to share. View Pat Sloan’s behind the scene … Read More »

Quiltcast #62 :: Success in Quilting Patterns

Posted on January 14th, by Amy in podcast, Quiltcast. No Comments

Sometimes piecing a successful quilt pattern is more challenging that you would like. We’ve all been there, when nothing is working, and frustration has set in, when it seems a blow torch, or seam ripper are the only options. Today we have some tips so that you can have success with quilting patterns. Listen in and share your tips in the comments!

-Double check the method being used, in case it’s different than your usual.

If you change your method? Check your math before cutting!

-Directionality of a fabric print shouldn’t be a hindrance, but if it keeps you up at night, buy extra yardage.

– Take your time, go slow and be accurate.

It’s worth it to take your time, but walk away if you get frustrated.

– Check for updates on the designer’s website, or tool suggestions to make the pattern even better.

What are your … Read More »

Quiltcast #61 :: Computerized Quilting – Is it for you?

Posted on January 7th, by Amy in podcast, Quiltcast. 4 comments

Hi there! In the new year April and I are starting off with what could be a controversial topic for some : Quilting with a computer, does it take away from the art and tradition of the act of quilting? Listen in and share your thoughts with us!

Catching up from the last two weeks, the little bits of sew that have been done (or not) and our current undertakings.

Bedroom Style, Perfectly Pieced Giveaway here

Computerized quilting is all about balance – like most things in life!

In the end – beautiful quilts are created as uniquely as each quilter, and should be recognized as such.

I hope you will take a few minutes to listen to the podcast and share your thoughts with us!


We always welcome your feedback!

All of our episodes are available here on the blog, on iTunes and Stitcher.

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