15 03, 2013

What Makes a Quilt Timeless?

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The often discussed topic of modern quilts and the variations of this very traditional art form, quilting, got me thinking about my quilts in 50 and 60 years.  What will I think of them? Will they stand the test of time, aesthetically?  It also reminded me to hurry and label the few that I haven’t so […]

11 03, 2013

Catching Up & a Question –

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Hi there! I was amazed to fly into Seattle last week, to clear skies!   My parents and sister met me at the airport and we made the most of the day in Seattle. We visited Quiltworks, then headed toward the water. (The question is later in the post – read on)

The Seattle/Bainbridge Ferry, and […]

8 02, 2010

Happy Monday!

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Last week was such a great blogging week for me!  Connecting with all of you about one-shoe wanderings around the house, and then our dreams, goals and believing in ourselves.  I wholly believe that for most of us, taking a risk on ourselves, is the biggest step – after that things start falling into place!I’ve […]

21 01, 2010

Super Full Week!

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Hi there!  It has been one of those weeks, where everything happens – all at once!!  I’ve had scheduled posts, filling in the gaps for my busyness, which is great since I have no sewing that I can share with you :( Tuesday I had lunch with Natalia and Amy, (I met Amy last year).  Amy […]

22 08, 2009

A Little Bit of Sunshine

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Thanks so much for all your encouragement this week – seriously means so much to me. After Emmalie woke up with a bad stomach ache yesterday I was prepared for the worst, but she fought it off and is back at full energy today! She got her stitches out yesterday too! After praying […]

7 04, 2009


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I’ve never really remembered sleepy time dreams, but in the light of day – I have lots of dreams. Little things like canning vegetables this fall, or a room just for me to sew in. Other days it’s a little extra cash to make that purchase. . . or better organization for the kitchen, […]

30 01, 2009


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Hi Friends~Despite my lack of posting – I’m still here, and it has been a productive week – just not with my sewing machine! Family first – right!? They will always be first in my book – even if I feel like pulling my hair out every once in a while :)~ I […]

15 01, 2009

Frosty Fog

By |January 15th, 2009|ramblings|8 Comments

This morning was good. Not as much rushing about to get Ella out the door to school :) These January mornings are pretty cold, and lately the fog has been dense! We are up around 7:30 each morning – just as the sun rises too, this morning I managed to grab the […]

10 12, 2008


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So far this week I’ve been a little pressed for time to quilt. I did make simple doll quilt tops for my girls, for Christmas – they need to be basted and quilted. I am hoping to do so this evening. . . but I have to wait for them to go to […]

18 11, 2008

A Quick To Do List

By |November 18th, 2008|ramblings|11 Comments

It may only be Tuesday, but I feel my week quickly getting away from me! So I thought I would post what needs to get done and hopefully be able to check it off.- finish the binding on my swap quiltie, photograph and mail.- quilt the tree skirt, I’ve had it pinned together for […]

21 08, 2008

Please Excuse My Absence

By |August 21st, 2008|My kids, ramblings|7 Comments

An innocent summer cold . . . has turned into a bit of a problem. Including 4 sick kids and one sick mama, just in time for Ella to start 3rd grade. :)As we are working back into our school year routine, I feel busier than previous years and I’m hoping that things […]

27 06, 2008

What Have You Been Up To?

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Really I would like to know! =) I keep thinking about projects I would like to start but have gotten little accomplished – hmmm. I’m working on it.I did just empty our van of trash and laundry! It is amazing how much accumulates in a short time. It hasn’t been […]