Two More Days!

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Happy Monday friends!  My girls have just two days of school this week, then we are taking a trip to see family for the holidays!  The kids are so excited, and I think my parents are even more excited!

I spent the weekend finishing up my sewing projects for gift giving, and doing laundry.  Good thing I can quilt while the machines do all the work!  Now to get everyone and everything packed up and ready to fly. . . last time we all flew together, we were a family of 4.  Ya, it’s been a while!

And so, I plan to post here and there, and may have a giveaway planned even, but the next two weeks will be a little slower than normal.  Check in with me on Facebook for day to day updates and pictures.

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I’m clearing some fabric out of my drawers…it needs to be used!  I hope you can give it a good home!

Shop here

thanks!  Amy

4 Things

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Hi there!  I’ve not met my goal yet, Monday’s are always busy with school letting out early and the usual errands.  How about you?

A few items of note here on the blog :

I added a link to my book on Amazon, on the top left.  You can view pictures and pre-order there!
About 5 weeks until Blogger’s Quilt Festival! Do you know what quilt you are going to share?
I have a monthly newsletter that you can sign up for, with it comes a free report – “Lessons Learned.”  Earlier this year I asked – As a quilter is there anything you have learned, that you wish someone had told you?  All the comments have been put together in a pdf for those who subscribe.  There was some great tips and tricks there!
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My Creative Time

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Hi there! It’s been one of those weeks! I just haven’t had much visible creative time. I’ve been creative, just in different ways! I’ve been designing quilts, looking at fabrics (feeling them too!) and trying to make a few decisions. I believe my choppy days, contribute to the lack of sewing, AND I spent a lot of time on this quilt last week, and have taken care of the ignored floors and laundry this week. It never ends! Once our routines get a bit more settled, or I set myself a deadline, I will be on track again!

Another creative outlet baking:

Peach Cobbler! We had some fresh peaches, grown locally, and they were turning too fast to eat. I found the recipe here. It was delicious!

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Quick Takes

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Hi there!  I hope you are having a good weekend, I’ve been busy sewing trying to meet my goal, and keeping up with the laundry!  I just have a couple of things to mention real quick –

– Tomorrow you will have 24 hours to post and link on my blog to be entered in the giveaway for the One Week, One Thing Challenge.

– I added Week 8 to my shop if you have been quilting along with me and wanted to have that!

– Just a few more hours to enter the “What We Have” giveaway.

I’ll be back tomorrow so we can link up and share our met goals!


Collection of Thoughts

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I’ve felt a little absent this week…seems I have needed a little time off the computer.  Big surprise there!  I guess I feel a bit of a let down after the big push for the Festival – I’m glad every week isn’t like that, but it is fun when it comes around :)

Did you add your quilt from the Festival to the flickr pool?  It’s nice to see them all in one spot, but I’m still planning to get around and read all of your stories that go with them.  I made a mosaic of just a few of the submissions to the Festival last week.

1. Flower Power, 2. 100_3808_edited, 3. my sister’s quilt, 4. Scrappy Log Cabin, 5. Zen Mini Quilt, 6. It’s done! Community Gardens, 7. the storyteller, 8. Alex’s quilt, 9. Turtle quilt, 10. Wheels Quilt Front, … Read More »


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Joe found this sweet kitten in our garage!  We put up signs, hoping that a neighbor lost her, and will claim her soon. But Joe and the kids are quickly falling for her –


I’m super allergic, and can’t handle cats on the counter.  She’s already box trained, super lovey, and obviously loves kids.  She’s got the loudest purr too!  Anyone within an hour of Heber Valley want a kitty!?  I’ll meet you half way…

I really want to see her go to a good home :)Amy—————————————————Next steps:Subscribe to Amy’s Creative SideShop with AmyFollow Me on TwitterBecome a fan of Amy’s Creative Side on FacebookEmail me

My List

Posted on April 20th, by Amy in Bloggers Quilt Festival, My kids, random. 7 comments

My must do list, continues to grow and shrink!  Never seems to go away though.  I know I’m not the only one  with this issue – am I?

I have two additional quilt tops pieced for my book, need to add borders to one and get them to Natalia, so she can work her magic!  So my list this week includes prepping the backs and writing the rest of the patterns, and all that goes with those.  (I’m loving my new pins!  The little patchwork set are so teeny and work great!)

I’m also making plans for the next installment of Blogger’s Quilt Festival – facebook friends were telling me yesterday if they have a quilt ready.  Do you!?  I’m getting things together for the end of May – I’ll let you know when we can start spreading the word.  It’s going … Read More »

Bits and Pieces & A Winner!

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I’m feeling a bit scattered!  I have lots of things that NEED to get done and a few that I really want to get done – isn’t that how it usually goes?  I had a couple of hours to myself Friday evening and decided to cut into some fabric for this bag –

The fabrics are Amy Butler Love, and I love it!  Sadly my machine has been overused in the last 6 months, and needs a tune-up. I have no problem piecing, but multiple layers of fabric and interfacing – not happening.  So that’s going back on the bottom of the list, until I can part with my machine long enough to have it serviced.  Just imagine no pins holding the lining in place and that polka dot strap attached on the sides :)


This is the big news in the … Read More »

Two Years . . .

Posted on March 16th, by Amy in random, Thankful. 65 comments

Today, is my two year blogiversary!  I am amazed at how time keeps on ticking by, and I’m so thankful for the community online.  I’m constantly inspired and pushed to be more creative, and encouraged in the adventure of motherhood – I LOVE it!

Looking back at the last year, I’m overwhelmed —

Last year about this time, I was mulling over a big idea, and figured out how to pull the Blogger’s Quilt Festival together.  I love that we can all get together in one place and celebrate our love of creating!

Little did you know, I was also putting the final touches on a book proposal.  Which I never would have considered for myself – but God put the desire on my heart and I believed in myself enough to pitch the idea and sign the contract!  It still seems a … Read More »

Weekend Update

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Hi Friends!  I hope you are having a good weekend, with or without your sewing machine :)  I’ve been making a few changes to my blog, and actually got out of the house by myself today!  Yes, that is an accomplishment around here.

—–I’ve caught up on my reader a little bit this week, one item that was brought to my attention is V’s block collection effort.  She needs as many of these sweet house blocks as possible by April 30th, and she’s worked out a giveaway for participants too.  (I know how much you love fabric!)

The blocks will be made into quilts, for a non-profit organization in New York – the need is real and our help is a tangible way to reach out.  V has instructions for the blocks – just round up some scraps and make up one, … Read More »

Taking it Easy

Posted on March 9th, by Amy in give away, random. 14 comments

I’ve enjoyed getting to know people on twitter in the last few months and, recently, Jody had a contest over there.  Look at what I won —

These fabulous fat quarters arrived last week, and I’m loving them!  Those flowers in front are Woodland Delight, and some cute Christmas fabric.  Thank you so much Jody!!  

Those of you that commented yesterday, will be glad to know that I did not do any housework!  Just laundry, and I made dinner for the first time in two weeks – Joe has been taking great care of us :)  I pulled out a couple magazines and took care of a few emails.  I’m taking it easy!  

I hope you are having a good day~Amy—————————————————Next steps:Subscribe to parkcitygirlShop with AmyEmail me

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