Question For Quilters

Posted on February 23rd, by Amy in random. 69 comments

I have a boring post today – BUT I would love for you to answer a question for me!As a quilter, is there anything you have learned, that you wish someone had told you?I asked this question on twitter and had some great responses, and would love to have your input too :)I need to run, everything is coming together but, there’s still so much to do!Blessings~AmyPS – tomorrow won’t be so boring :)  hint, hint—————————————————Next steps:Subscribe to parkcitygirlShop with AmyEmail me

Happy Day!

Posted on February 20th, by Amy in random. 43 comments

Knowing that you all will be excited for me – I have to share!!

I got a laptop!  Just for me :)

I feel official now.

Hope you are having a great day~Amy—————————————————Next steps:Subscribe to parkcitygirlShop with AmyEmail me


Posted on February 16th, by Amy in random, SewConnected. 19 comments

SewConnected has been the such a great experience!  I love swapping blocks with other quilters, and pushing my creativity.  December was our final month, I’m just a month and a half late!  Thankfully Audrey is not in a hurry, and she loves the block :)

I’ve stepped back from swaps for now, waiting to see how life settles after writing this book.  I’m thinking I will have to find a new “normal”  after my deadline.  Speaking of which –

My work space!  The ironing board has come in handy lately, when not ironing it has become my return to spread out on!  And yes those headphones are for sound reduction – my kids distract me all the time.

Check back tomorrow for another chance to win some fabric!Amy—————————————————Next steps:Subscribe to parkcitygirlShop with AmyEmail me

Seven Items On My Mind

Posted on February 11th, by Amy in random. 29 comments

I am always amazed how everyone comes out of the woodwork when fabric is up for grabs!   Glad to know I can get your attention – LOL :)  Thank you for all your comments, quite  a few of you have brought tears to my eyes, and reminded me of special moments.

–> I have a poll up in my sidebar still – it looks like the 1/4″ seam tutorial has just pulled ahead of the straight line quilting tute, 2 more days to let me know which would be more helpful to you.

–>I found this rug while browsing earlier, I see a quilt.  Don’t you?  The best part would be customizing the colors!

 I really like this one too, but for a rug :)

–> I wanted to tell you that my friend Vicki is doing a Simple Squares Quilt Along, just … Read More »

Do you do this?

Posted on February 2nd, by Amy in random, sewing. 64 comments

I have to wear slippers or some sort of shoe around the house.  Usually not the same one I’ve been wearing outside, especially this time of year.   They help my back from hurting, as I am on my feet non-stop, and keep my toes from freezing off!
 I take off my right shoe when sewing, and when someone needs something, or the world is ending in the other room – I jump up and take care of things!
 Am I the only one running around with one shoe on??

Today, along with all the usual sewing and household stuff, I’m sanitizing the house!  We’ve had three super sick kiddos (croupy cough cold)  the last few days, and I’m trying hard not to get it.  Hope you are having a great day!

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Hope for Haiti

Posted on January 15th, by Amy in random. 6 comments

This week I’m pretty sure we all have been shocked and affected by the devastation in Haiti.  My friend from college wrote a great post that sums up a lot of my feelings – I highly encourage you to read Jaimie’s post! 

Over on twitter I’ve seen a couple posts about crafthope and their response -

If you are able to contribute in any way, big or small, it is all part of the larger goal, bringing hope to Haiti.

Blessings,Amy —————————————————Next steps:Subscribe to parkcitygirlShop with AmyEmail me

Fun Gift Idea for a Quilter!

Posted on December 22nd, by Amy in random. 7 comments

Jenna sent me these fun socks!Aren’t they great!? I think these would be great for any quilter to wear proudly. They are so soft and comfortable too! If you need a last minute gift idea for your quilter – I hope you are in the San Francisco area! The Sock Market is at Pier 39.I did find them a few places online too. Check here, here or here. I’ve never shopped at any of these places online, so I’m not certain of shipping and such.

Thank you Jenna!!I hope all of you are well~Amy
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Home Spun Holiday

Posted on December 19th, by Amy in random. 11 comments

My friend Natalia is hosting this fun event, and I’ve been trying to sit long enough to enter all week!Part of my issue is the usual messiness of our four busy kids, and I’ve not taken any pictures of our tree – until tonight. Just for you! You can see our stockings and tree skirt that I’ve made peeking out from under.

We don’t have a mantle to hang stockings on, and the 3M hooks we put up last year have all been broken by over use, so they are waiting patiently under the tree! I’ve only pulled them off of Owen’s feet once – he learns pretty quick. But I’ve still been batting him away from the tree on a daily basis!I made a tutorial for these last month too. Just in case you need … Read More »

4 Ways to Stay Warm This Winter!

Posted on December 11th, by Amy in Me, My kids, random. 28 comments

We have had a week of frigid temperatures, I’m not complaining really, but I have to stay warm! So here’s a fun post for you –

1 – Wear your warmest down jacket, over your second warmest down jacket, with a scarf from mom too.When we first moved here from Southern California, I needed the biggest warmest jacket I could find – I was never warm! Now I mostly wear the lighter of the two, this week I’ve doubled up when taking the girls to school at -10F.

2 – Good boots.Those ugg boots don’t work for me here – I need traction so I don’t land on my bum outside! These are a pair of North Face boots I got on Steepandcheap a couple years ago. They zip up the back, making them a quick and … Read More »

Gift Ideas for Quilters

Posted on November 30th, by Amy in random. 22 comments

I’ve got a nifty list of gift ides, dream products for quilters, and a few must have’s too!

OLFA Rotary Circle CutterLarge Self-Healing Cutting Mat — Mine is on it’s last leg!Instant Design WallSuper Satchel Thread Box10 Yards Moda Muslin Bleached WhiteGingher 8-Inch Shears — I mostly use my rotary cutter, but having a great pair of shears is so nice – these are on my list!Quilt Display RackBinding ClipsElectric Quilt Company Amy Butler Software 22 Sewing ProjectsEasy Dresden Quilting Ruler — This is such a fun tool!EQ6 Quilt Design Software — This is on my list too, but I need a new computer first! :/And if you are buying for a reader – you might consider a book suggested to me by my blog readers.

Are any of these on your list? Maybe you should send … Read More »

This Week

Posted on November 23rd, by Amy in random. 16 comments

feels a bit hurried! And it’s just Monday morning – I don’t think that’s a good thing. I had fun over the weekend, out by myself shopping – I met Marie and Pamela down at Tom and Lucy’s Art Shoppe, and started Christmas shopping for my kids! I know – I have a bit (LOT) of shopping to do!

We are hosting Thanksgiving with a few friends, everyone is bringing a few favorite dishes to ensure a true feast. Joe is in charge of the turkey this year, we will brine and fry it outside. Then mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, green salad, fresh cranberry sauce, and an indulgent chocolate bread pudding. You all need to try that bread pudding!

Chocolate Bread Pudding from Joy of Cooking

Serves 10-121 pound challah, brioche or other light egg … Read More »

I would LOVE to have your input!

Posted on November 12th, by Amy in random. 87 comments

I’m in deep. And I can’t share a thing – but I want to keep connecting with all of you!

I’m wondering what you would like to hear from me. Do you have questions about me, our family, sewing, quilting, parenting – anything!?

I’ve been toying with the idea of posting “a day in my life” – but I’m not so sure that it’s all that interesting. . .

I DO have a couple of questions for you –

Have you read any good books lately? If so please share titles!

How many loads of laundry do you do a week?

Aside from fabric, what is your favorite thing to purchase on Etsy? or what are you buying for Christmas presents on Etsy?

Random, I know – my thoughts have been very scattered this week! But please do leave me a comment … Read More »

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