Little Things

Posted on August 27th, by Amy in My kids, sewing, Thankful. 10 comments

Going back to school last week reminds me to slow down, and be thankful for the little things.

Little things, like happy, healthy kids.

Family and (furry) friends.

Kids that like to learn and go to school.

And the one left behind this week, happy to have extra hugs, while mom makes the adjustment too.

I’m always thankful for a simple project to tackle while relaxing with all of them too!

What are you thankful for?

Blessings ~ Amy

Busy Days (and nights!)

Posted on July 23rd, by Amy in sewing. 8 comments

Hey there! I’ve been working hard to meet commitments, and find myself leaving notes for the morning.

If I don’t, I forget and keep on sewing with a super linty machine!

Thank goodness my machine is easy to clean. I love it!

I’ll catch up with you soon —

Pressing Matters

Posted on July 18th, by Amy in sewing. 14 comments

There are times when I skip the pressing, but usually I go through all the motions for the best possible outcome.

Starch is still a favorite tool for crisp fabric, and great points! This is a pile of fabric waiting to be cut, after starching.

I’ve streamlined my process when pressing to one side, so that I don’t have to touch the pieces as many times.  It’s turned into a big time-saver for me, and thought I should share!

I layer pieces in a fan, I’m able to press the seam as I need it and continue to get it nice and flat while I add the next piece.

As long as I get it right the first time, it all works great!

I’ve tried to instruct Ella (my … Read More »

Free Weekend

Posted on July 16th, by Amy in My kids, sewing. 5 comments

I love my family! Joe decided this last weekend would be a good one to go camping. My schedule (of deadlines) is such that I wasn’t free enough to join them, so he and the kids had fun without me!

Unfortunately, the weather was rather gloomy, and it rained a lot. Thankfully they all had lots of layers and warm clothes, at 9500+ feet it’s cool up in the mountains, especially with the rain.

It was a great free weekend for me to power through some sewing, and spread out around the house as much as I needed to.

How was your weekend?

Today I’ll be catching up on laundry, and sewing more.


Messy Moment

Posted on June 26th, by Amy in sewing. 22 comments

Hi there! I feel like I haven’t been here at all – how are you?  I’ve been trying to keep up with my kids and all the fun of summer, and squeeze in sewing time, when I can.

Yesterday, I pulled everything out and had a massive mess! The kind of mess that makes it hard to think straight, hard to get things done.  Worst part is this is our kitchen table, so it does have to be cleaned up for dinner.

I do have a couple of deadlines that I’m working on, so I can’t share what I’m working on quite yet. I will when I can, for sure!

I thought I would put up a linky, and see if I could challenge or dare you to share your mess.

Better … Read More »

Almost 12

Posted on May 1st, by Amy in finished project, My kids, sewing. 13 comments

Ella will be 12 in less than two weeks – I have a hard time wraping my head around that number still!

Anyway, she has a violin concert at school this week, and requested a purple skirt.

Nothing too busy, she said, and was immediately drawn to my Kona stash.

45 minutes later we had a skirt, and a compromise – I had to add a little print.

She’s happy, and it was a fast project!

Both make me a happy mom.

– Amy

Fabrics: Kona, Thistle, Amy Butler Lark, Floral Couture

Best of Intentions

Posted on February 22nd, by Amy in sewing. 11 comments

I really did have the best of intentions, to blog and get some sewing done yesterday! The day just got away from me!

I have had a spurt of great quilt design ideas and spent the day in EQ7 drawing blocks and auditioning fabrics. I’m not sure when I’ll get to make them with fabric, but I’ll share with you when I do! I have a deadline for the blog this week, so I did eventually set up my machine and made some progress on the project.

I’m enjoying the appliqué and learning lots as I go.  My machine allows me to memorize any changes I make to the stitches, which I love. I can adjust the tension, length, or width of the blanket stitch, and I don’t have to adjust each time I turn on … Read More »

Starch Much?

Posted on January 12th, by Amy in sewing. 30 comments

I’ve mentioned starch before, but never devoted a post to it.  Lately I’ve used lots of starch, and noticed different starches when picking up a can (or three!).  So I decided to collect, use, and share my opinions.

Brands represented: Faultless, Niagara, and Best Press

Why take the time to use starch?

I love the crisp, stiff feel to the fabric once it’s been pressed with starch.  It helps make my cuts more precise, and the fabrics less likely to fray.  In my experience, of course.  Starch helps stubborn creases release and lay flat, and crisp fabrics are easier to feed through the sewing machine.  Starch also helps with any precision that I may be aiming for.

When and how to use starch?

I use starch while pressing before I cut … Read More »

Catching Up!

Posted on December 15th, by Amy in Inspiration, sewing. 23 comments

Hi there!  I can hardly believe how much of the week has already gotten by me!  I hope you have enjoyed visiting the Giveaway Day posts – I found a few to enter myself too!  Good luck – I hope you win somewhere!

I’ve been sewing up a storm, which I’ll have to share with you later, but I thought I would show you my temporary storage solution I set up this week.

I’ve outgrown my current system, and happened to have this wire unit in pieces.  I just needed a spot to set it up, so I emptied the boxes (fabric orders), that I had set against the wall, and moved in some fabric!  It’s mostly a bunch of piles, but I know exactly what is where, and thankfully my family knows to … Read More »

Weekend Sewing

Posted on November 15th, by Amy in finished project, sewing. 21 comments

Over the weekend I put a new die to use!  I’ve slowly added to my die collection, and most recently ordered the diamond die.  Looking for a fast finish, and a different way to use the diamonds, I settled on this table runner!

For the picture I hung it on the kitchen wall, since table pictures are never that great.  (Please ignore the drawing on the walls!)

I assembled it in four long rows, and used random straight lines to quilt it, pretty densely too, so it stays flat on the table.  I have to say, a runner has saved more than one spill on our table, from running to everyone, and it always returns from the wash, good as new!

Anyway, with each die that I add, I’m so glad … Read More »

New Sewing Machine!

Posted on September 20th, by Amy in sewing, The Sewing Summit. 16 comments

Hi there!  Yesterday I made a big loop around the mountains, collecting boxes of goodies from supporters of the Sewing Summit, and depositing most of those boxes with Erin, since she has a bit more space (or used to!) to store a *few* boxes.  This is one of the boxes, that stayed with me:

From the very beginning Erin and I envisioned a classroom full of machines, so that friends could come by airplane, and still have hands on learning time at the Sewing Summit.  Thanks to our friends at Baby Lock, that vision will be realized in just a couple of weeks!

In the final weeks leading up to the Sewing Summit, there’s some last minute sewing to accomplish, and a new machine to familiarize myself with.  Just getting it out … Read More »

Personal Market Research :: Irons

Posted on September 7th, by Amy in sewing, The Sewing Summit. 36 comments

I know that irons can be a bit of a hot button topic among sewists.  Everyone seems to have their favorite –

I don’t.

When Joe and I were first married, I had a Rowenta iron, which clunked out early on due to a power malfunction.  Joe fixed it, then it started leaving rust marks on items when water was used in the tank.  Finally, we just had to toss it.

Pictured :  Oliso, Reliable, Rowenta, Panasonic

After that, we picked up a cheap Sunbeam model at Costco, and it works, even still.   I will say though, it’s not as hot as I would like it to be.   I just checked the wattage is 1200, and on the low side for irons.   And so, I … Read More »

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