More Preparations for Quilt Market

Posted on May 4th, by Amy in Modern Basics, sewing. 13 comments

In preparing for my first Market experience, and promoting Modern Basics, I’ve got a few things to get together this week!

Monday afternoon I picked up my quilts that had been hanging at Seasons of Home last month.  Then yesterday I added all the labels and sewed two sleeves, for the quilt that will be hanging in Martingale’s booth (#1200).  I’ll finish the hand-stitching over the course of the next few evenings.  I even packed the ready quilts into suitcases, so I don’t have to refold, or take the time to do it later!  Why do it later, when I can do it now?

If you will be at Market my scheduled events include:

Thursday Schoolhouse – 4:20pm

Saturday Book Signing – 10:00am

Sunday Book Signing – 10:00am

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Question for Quilters/Sewists

Posted on August 31st, by Amy in sewing. 47 comments

Hi friends!  I was working on a different project yesterday, and realized that some of my favorite posts are the ones that I asked a question, and you answered!  So I decided it’s time for another question.

As a quilter or sewist, is there something that you would like to better learn, or gain confidence in?

Personally, I would love to be more confident with applique.  I’ve done a bit of applique, but tend to put it off as long as possible.  I always admire these quilts –

when I see them on flickr (click the pic to see credits), or at quilt shows.  I would love to make one, just need to take on a long term applique project!  I don’t even have the book yet…Aunt Millie’s Garden I guess I should move it up the list!

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Couch Pillows – a la Amy

Posted on July 1st, by Amy in sewing. 22 comments

Amy Butler that is!  I have had scraps from my roman shade project waiting for pillows, just no pillow forms.  So I waited.  The kids and I ran an errand for Joe first thing this morning and when finished went to Wal-mart since we were already out – I don’t go often.

I found 2 nice 18″ pillow form on sale – and snatched them up!  After finally getting home, and convincing the boy to at least rest in his bed… I took an hour to whip these up.

Nothing fancy, but functional and cute!  They have an envelope back so I can wash as needed too.

What have you been up to today?

Can we say leftovers for dinner?


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The Finer Things

Posted on June 24th, by Amy in sewing. 31 comments

A couple months back, I decided to try some new thread and the recommended needles.  I had been having trouble with tension in my machine and the obvious lint build up was part of the problem.  I spent a little bit more than I usually do, but I believe the payoff is huge!  My machine has been happier!

And so, here are a few of the finer things I have enjoyed using while sewing lately :)

So Fine Thread &Topstitching Needles by Superior Threads  — The needles seem to stay sharp longer than other brands.Famore Scissors – the tip is tiny, helps to get threads from the tiniest spaces.Patchwork Pins – so tiny and fine, no visible holes left in the fabric after pinning.Selvage Pin Cushion – it stays where I put it while pushing pins in as I sew.

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Madison Bag & a Big Birthday

Posted on May 13th, by Amy in Celebrations, sewing. 16 comments

It’s been such a full week!  Thanks so much for your response to my first pattern, and the Blogger’s Quilt Festival! In the mean time, I finished my Madison Bag for myself – and almost forgot to show you.

I love the finished product!  Getting there, was a little sketchy, but the size and shape are so right.

The construction methods were a little frustrating.  This is how I had to maneuver the machine to be able to attach the handles….I plan to try another pattern and see how more recent instructions finish the bag.  I wouldn’t suggest this pattern for a first time bag maker, but it’s so cute.  Don’t you think!?Today is Ella’s birthday – she’s 10. 10!  My first baby, now 10!  She’s been counting down for the last three months, not one second letting us forget that she … Read More »

Roman Shade Recap

Posted on May 4th, by Amy in sewing, Tutorial. 3 comments

I had a couple of requests for a roman shade tutorial – I’m flattered, but not planning another window treatment anytime soon!  I thought I would instead retrace my steps, of videos and tutorials that I found in my own quest to understand roman shades.

There are lots more videos and information about roman shades on youtube – I encourage you to keep watching until you find what makes it click for you.

Martha also has a tutorial for roman shades that may be helpful.

As I mentioned before I got my hardware on etsy at I Get the Window.  The cord lock includes instructions – just make sure that you follow them, and thread it correctly.  That’s where I had a little trouble…

The wall color is Jamaican Blue by Behr, and we love the bright color!

I hope that this helps some of you wanting … Read More »

Roman Shades Complete

Posted on April 30th, by Amy in finished project, sewing. 46 comments

Checking this project off my list feels SO good!  

 Our lamp is still trying to find the right home, since rearranging everything.  We did have a table lamp, but, one little boy accidentally trashed the shade….


Fabrics are Amy Butler, the home decor fabrics have such a nice feel to them.  Slightly more $$ but worth it for a quality covering in my book!  That is partly why I did the roman shade, 2 yards per window vs. 6 – 8 yds for a full length curtain.

one down

I lined these with black out lining.  Fabrics fade really fast here in windows, and I didn’t want to take a chance at my gorgeous fabric fading.  Plus, having the living room dark will be nice for movies, and the hot summer months to come. 

two down :)

 The windows are on the small side, so … Read More »

Coming Together

Posted on April 29th, by Amy in Bloggers Quilt Festival, sewing. 8 comments

Hi there!  I’ve got Blogger’s Quilt Festival on the brain – taking my time to work out all the details with sponsors. It’s going to be great!!  If you are a shop and interested in being a sponsor, send a quick email to me with a link and I will get the details to you right away!  It’s a great opportunity to get your name out there :)

Do you have a quilt ready to share!?  May 21 is the first day of our festival!

My Roman Shades are nearly done, maybe I will even be back later today with a pic….my living room is a bit of a mess at the moment.  Have to put my kiddos to work :)

What are you up to today?


PS – Did you notice Fat Quarter Shop is celebrating their anniversary with a huge sale!?  There’s … Read More »

Roman Shades & a Winner!

Posted on April 27th, by Amy in give away, sewing. 17 comments

This roman shade project has been on my list since we painted the living room in January!  I purchased fabric in February, and finally collected all the bits and pieces needed to make it.  I had to let my ideas fully form, before I was ready to cut (some may call this procrastination!), but I decided I’m ready.   Last night I got all my pieces cut, and today I hope to get the sewing done.

When we get them mounted, I will show you our living room :)—–The Blush Layer Cake goes to — #284

Congratulations Julie!!  I would love to see what you make with this.

Thank you to everyone that left sweet comments  –  I loved reading through them all!  You guys make my day with everyone :)

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Pins Recapped

Posted on April 8th, by Amy in sewing. 12 comments

I have to say thanks to all of you that shared about your pins!  I’m always thankful to be a part of this community – and to call you all friends :)  I went through the comments and made tally marks for the different pins mentioned, Clover’s Flower Head Pins  were the most mentioned by far, as were all of Clover’s pins.

It’s clear that a fine, sharp, and long pin are what we, as quilters are drawn to.  And I’m with a few of you wanting to try the fork pins– I always pin on both sides of the seam intersection, and these make so much sense!

To be honest in the past I’ve been drawn to the 500 pack of pins because I’m such a stickler about pinning, and pinning everything all at once.  But I plan to start small, this time, … Read More »


Posted on April 5th, by Amy in sewing. 44 comments

I need new pins.  You all have seen mine in action, I use them a lot, and they are dull, bent up and not gliding very well.

So I’m looking to you to tell me your favorite pins.  Why do you love them?  Where did you find them?

I finished my blocks last night, should be a quilt top today and then I get to move on, oh, and write instructions. . . :)

Serious where’d you get your pins!?

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Like New Ironing Board

Posted on March 29th, by Amy in sewing, Tutorial. 30 comments

I think it is better than new!  The fabric used on most ironing boards is so cheap – flimsy, rough, and blah.  I’ve had my current ironing board for about a year, and I was happy for the first week, then the first hole appeared in the side!  I put the recovering effort on the to do list, and there it sat, until now :)  My delay has been part, lack of fabric/time, part calculating a plan.

What do you think!?  I’m pleased as punch!

Anticipating questions, I took a few pictures.  My desire with this cover is to remove it and wash it as needed.  I like to use a lot of starch, and tend to overdo it, so the original cover is sticky and stained.  (You may have noticed it in this tutorial) So I decided to make it reversible. … Read More »

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