Ella’s Dress!

Posted on March 25th, by Amy in sewing. 36 comments

I woke up yesterday morning feeling much better!  A good night’s sleep was just what I needed :)

During Owen’s nap I took a couple hours to finish Ella’s dress, and then in the evening I worked the blind hem  out with my machine and hemmed the other two dresses.  whew!  It feels good to be done with these!

Ella’s dress is Simplicity 2993, no sleeves to put in, but the collar is a bugger to get in.  End result is really cute though!  The fabric is Alhambra II, again I let Ella select the fabrics she wanted her dress made with, and she loves it!

Now I just need to get the three of them in the dresses and take their pictures – sounds easy enough, right!?


PS – Do you have questions about garment sewing?  I’ll answer in the comments, if … Read More »

Excuse Me, Please!

Posted on March 24th, by Amy in My kids, sewing. 11 comments

I was hoping to have a finished dress to show you again today. . . I caught Ella’s cold, and have been taking it easy.  I’m hoping to be feeling much better today!  And then finish it :)

I’m itching to have a quilt or two to post here!  I love looking through flickr and seeing beautiful creations – there’s just not enough hours in the day!  You all understand that one!!

I have posted a poll in my sidebar – I did the same one a long ways back, before the inception of Blogger’s Quilt Festival, before most of you were readers.  How do you press your seams?

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A Winner & Two Dresses

Posted on March 22nd, by Amy in give away, sewing. 23 comments

One small hiccup in my move.  While writing this, all my past comments are g o n e!  Totally missing – I think I read that they may slowly make the move, but I was expecting all those comments (with numbers!) to be there when I was ready to select a winner for the Burgundy Buttons giveaway!  Thank goodness, I have all my comments emailed to me!  If anyone has an answer to the missing comments – I’d love to know!

I lined up the emails and started counting :)  There were 440 entries and RNG selected #59

Which corresponds with Barbara!  Congratulations, Barbara :)—–I spent a couple hours working on dresses Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  My Sophia and Emmalie’s eyes would grow wide as they realized I was working on their dresses – they are too cute!

This is Sophia’s:

This … Read More »

Sewing Garments!

Posted on March 18th, by Amy in sewing. 22 comments

I have two quilts due in a six weeks, but I’ve been promising dresses to my girls!  So my goal for this week has been to cut and start (maybe finish) three dresses!

I am a sucker for patterns when Joann’s has them for $1 – we just happened to be there on one of those weekends a few months back, and I had the girls pick out patterns that they liked.  I am able to steer them toward quick and semi- easy patterns still :)  which helps!

Yesterday I finished cutting out the third dress and applied the interfacing needed, then set to work with the smallest!  I have three different patterns, so I’m taking them one at a time.  Here’s the bodice to Sophia’s dress —

I will share pattern details next time – I need to get it finished! … Read More »

Do you do this?

Posted on February 2nd, by Amy in random, sewing. 64 comments

I have to wear slippers or some sort of shoe around the house.  Usually not the same one I’ve been wearing outside, especially this time of year.   They help my back from hurting, as I am on my feet non-stop, and keep my toes from freezing off!
 I take off my right shoe when sewing, and when someone needs something, or the world is ending in the other room – I jump up and take care of things!
 Am I the only one running around with one shoe on??

Today, along with all the usual sewing and household stuff, I’m sanitizing the house!  We’ve had three super sick kiddos (croupy cough cold)  the last few days, and I’m trying hard not to get it.  Hope you are having a great day!

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Making the Most of my Space

Posted on January 14th, by Amy in 52 weeks, sewing. 32 comments

So I’ve been thinking about my post for today, what should it be (insert – blank stare) and I remember the ebook – of course!  Inspired post!  One aspect of the post inspiration was finding balance, but I’m all out of balance right now – thankfully I DO sew at the kitchen table, that way I’m still in the middle of the family activities.

I want to share with you my studio, or lack thereof, and how I make it work for me.  Finding space is a constant struggle, I often purge stuff to make the bit of space I have work for me.  Someday I will be spoiled with a studio space of my own (I pray!) and then I will jump for joy – but right now, this is what I’ve got!

I’ve changed where I keep things a bit … Read More »

How many times . . .

Posted on November 18th, by Amy in sewing. 61 comments

are you willing to take a seam out and re-sew it? As I sat at my machine taking a seam out for the third time today, I got to thinking – am I the only one that does this? I’m guessing probably not, but I have referred to myself as “anal Amy” on more than one occasion :)

Fourth time was the charm today, thank goodness that was the only junction that gave me repeated troubles!

I am curious though – how many times?

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Machine Tension

Posted on November 14th, by Amy in sewing. 13 comments

Kandra had a question about her tension on her sewing machine —

I do have a question about sewing… About a year ago, when I was a TOTAL newbie (now i’m just 2/3 newbie)to sewing and quilting, we bought a Janome sewing machine. However, the stitches are made on the BOTTOM of the fabric… so if I were to zigzag, the stitches are underneath the fabric and stitched with the bobbin thread. All stitches are like that, so I have NO CLUE how I’m supposed to applique or use those stitches. Any ideas?

Also, bobbin tension and thread tension.. I still have problems with this. I’d love suggestions on that too! LOL

Kandra, for your basic straight and zigzag the stitches should look pretty much the same on the top and the bottom. You need to get some scraps of fabric and … Read More »

Bookmarks Again

Posted on November 1st, by Amy in sewing. 13 comments

The box of scraps that Kristina sent me – has been taunting me! I am not quite ready to start into another quilt top, and a quick finish sounded nice. So I auditioned scraps for bookmarks! 3 of the 4 will end up in my etsy shop once I take individual pictures of each. (I’m not so fond of the black and white) Once again I find myself smiling when I see them :)

Hope you are having a great Saturday! We have a foot of snow on the way tomorrow – should be fun. But we have to wait and see if the weather people know their stuff!


Binky Patrol

Posted on July 10th, by Amy in My kids, sewing. 2 comments

Well, here’s the extent of my creative endeavors for today! A bink connector for my little man. As we started walking a lot in the spring, Owen began tossing his bink right out of the stroller. We even found one the next day one time! I have not had much luck or fondness of the typical contraption found at Target or Wal-Mart, and being crafty would not pay for someone else’s when I was clearly able! I found the clips on ebay for cheap and got started. I used scraps from Owen’s quilt and whalaa! Until about 2 weeks later – the clip lost it’s grab, just gave up! It could have something to do with Owen yanking on it when he was not wanting it on him. . . So this … Read More »

Bloggy Goodness!

Posted on July 8th, by Amy in give away, sewing. 7 comments

Hi again! I hope that you had a great weekend – mine seemed to stretch on and on. It was hard to know which day it was :) Today I had an early morning running errands for Joe, while he worked. He’s been working so much he doesn’t have the chance to take care of things he really needs to get done. . . Dropping the girls at grandma’s and running around town makes it a treat for everyone! A package greeted me when we got back to the house. :) I love packages!

I won a blogiversary giveaway, and it is so great! Jenny sent me a copy of her “book” and a quilt.The kids made fast work of welcoming the quilt to our home! It is nice and bright, … Read More »

Finished Project!

Posted on June 30th, by Amy in sewing. 5 comments

It is amazing what a little time at the machine will do for me. I do still need a nap but at least there’s a bit of a smile with me now – sorry to be a downer earlier=) Look at the hem on this nightgown! I got this machine a few months ago, and I’m still fiddling with all the features. Previously I had been sewing on a little Jem with 9 stitch options, now I have hundreds. So with the nightgowns for the girls I have been sampling the decorative stitches – and I love this one =) The thing is the graphic for it is so unassuming – I never guessed that it would look so nice. So glad I ventured into new territory. Have a great evening – Amy

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