Quilt Day Trippin’

Posted on June 22nd, by Amy in Interview, Tutorial, work in progress. 26 comments

A couple weeks ago Pat asked if I would join her in a simple blog hop, um ya!  Of course I’m in.  I had the pleasure of meeting Pat at Market last month, and she is so much fun and sweet too!  If you haven’t listened to her Monday radio show – you should – she’s always talking to someone new in the quilting industry, and loves to connect with listeners via her blog too.

Enough about Pat…I’ve got some fun stuff to share!

Our theme song for the day –

What is your most interesting or unusual item in your studio?

The most interesting or unusual item in my studio, is the fact that one might call it a studio!  I sew at the kitchen table, and don’t have a … Read More »

Winner and Wonderland Details

Posted on June 15th, by Amy in give away, Tutorial. 20 comments

First, the winner of the Stash Happy: Patchwork giveaway is —

Tabatha, is better off than I am!  I hope you enjoy the book Tabatha – Congratulations!

My Wonderland blocks are very simple!  I started with a charm pack, honey bun and jelly roll, 2 half yard cuts, and some miscellaneous scraps.  As I was sewing I added Crossweaves from a bundle I had stashed, and Kona/Bella solids that worked within the palette (which is varied!).

I started with a charm in the center, and half the blocks received a 1 1/2″ honey bun strip, and the other half a 2 1/2″ jelly roll strip.  I did two sides, then pressed and trimmed as necessary, and added the other two sides.  I then decided to add a 3″ strip from the … Read More »

Spring Bunting & Tutorial

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Hi friends!  I hope you had a great weekend!  I’ve been busy with the family, and watching the Super Bowl – Joe grew up in Wisconsin, so the Packer win was very exciting here!  On Friday, I had to sew, I woke up grumpy and knew that if I didn’t sew something I wouldn’t be happy, thus the family wouldn’t be happy.  Ever have one of those days?  I know I’m not alone!

After lunch, I pulled out the iron, ironing board and my Go! Cutter.  I’ve had this idea ruminating in my brain and just needed to get it out!  Sophia helped me starch my fat quarters, and then we took turns cranking the Go! to cut tumblers for a springy bunting.  What do you think?

Seriously, my kids love the Go! as much … Read More »

Easy Dresden Ruler & Tutorial

Posted on November 10th, by Amy in Tutorial. 23 comments

I scored a few of these rulers at a great price with all of you in mind!  So, I thought I would share a little how-to, on how easy they are and show you why you need one.  If you already know what to do with this you can go straight to the shop to get yours!

As you can see the ruler has 1/2″ marks.  First step is to decide how big of a plate you want to make, and cut a strip of fabric to that width.

Trim up the end with the ruler, the cut your first wedge.

Turn the ruler over and continue cutting wedges.

Works with all sizes, between 1″ and 8″!  To make the wedges, fold the wider end, right sides together.  I stick a pin in … Read More »

Garden Spikes Quilt Tutorial

Posted on August 16th, by Amy in finished quilt, Tutorial. 11 comments

Not here!  I’m over at Fat Quarterly today sharing this free pattern too!

Garden Spikes is my original quilt pattern made with the fabulous Fandango prints!



Basics Tutorial: Hand-stitching a Binding

Posted on May 18th, by Amy in Tutorial. 42 comments

After binding a dozen quilts in a month, I thought I would not want to bind quilts by hand anymore, but I LOVE it still!  Here’s how I get it done:

This is my collection of quality hand quilting threads, thimbles and a sharp needle.  I have a warm and cool neutral, and the yellow I had purchased for actual hand-quilting, but it’s come in handy a few times :)  I’ve used less than high quality threads – don’t waste your money – they tend to break and knot.  And I never used a thimble, until I had a few holes in my finger from the back of the needle :(  I’ve wanted to try the stick on type thimble but haven’t had a chance yet.

 I keep my supplies with scissors, and the binding clips all in an empty quart yogurt … Read More »

Basics Tutorial: Sewing Binding to Quilt

Posted on May 16th, by Amy in Tutorial. 13 comments

Before sewing your binding in place on your quilt top, you should carefully prepare it.  Attach your walking foot if you have one, it helps to move all the layers of fabric smoothly under the needle.  

Raw edges lined up, begin with a 12″ – 18″ tale unattached to your quilt, we will get back to that a little later, sew 1/4″ away from the raw edges.

 If you have a needle down position, use it – you will stop and start a lot to adjust the quilt.

 Stop 1/4″ away from the corner, and pull your quilt out from under the needle.  Fold the fabric away and back down – I typically just pinch it until all the edges are matching.  

 like so, and continue around your quilt in the same manner, until you are almost back to where you started. … Read More »

Basics Tutorial: Prepping a Binding

Posted on May 16th, by Amy in Tutorial. 5 comments

Preparing a binding for your quilt takes a few minutes, but it’s not difficult!  Take your time learning the steps – 

Cut 2 1/2″ strips, to determine the number of strips:  add all 4 sides of your quilt together, then divide by 40.This quilt :  60+62+60+62=244″/40= 6.1 so I round up to 7  You don’t want to be short when you get around your quilt.

Next, you need to sew all your strips together to make one continuous strip.  Overlap your ends at a 90 degree angle, but leave your selvage edges hanging over the edge.

Mark a 45 degree line from corner to corner.

Now sew on the line.  

Trim your excess – 1/4″ away from the seam..

Press your seam open.

Clip the little tags from the edge.  Repeat these steps for all your strips.  (I usually do all of them at once)

Now fold … Read More »

Basics Tutorial: Straight Line Quilting

Posted on May 13th, by Amy in Tutorial. 27 comments

At this point you should have your quilt basted, and your machine clean.  Here’s a look at how I use straight lines to quilt.

 For straight lines – I use my walking foot.  They all look something like this.

Be sure to put the lever over the needle clamp, that moves the teeth on the top layer with the feet on the bottom layer.

 To begin, line up your walking foot with a seam line, in the middle of the quilt.  Like basting, it’s good to start from the middle and work your way out.  I like to use the outside of the foot as my guide.

 When you reach the other edge, turn the quilt around and line up your foot with the previously sewn seam.  I don’t even clip the thread at this point, just keep sewing!  Going back and forth across … Read More »

Quilting Basics Tutorial: Cleaning a Sewing Machine

Posted on May 13th, by Amy in Tutorial. 29 comments

If you sew lots (chances are you do) you need to take a few minutes to clean your machine.  With every bobbin change, (if you can take the time to stop) and in between piecing and quilting – those are my usual intervals between cleaning.

I recently mentioned needing to have my machine serviced, but decided to figure a few things out on my own! After a reading my manual and a bit of research online, I learned that my Janome should not be oiled.  Huh?  Ya, that’s what I thought!  There’s one little oil wick beneath the bobbin that needs a teeny bit (not very often), otherwise just clean it.  Check your manual for specifics for your machine!  It makes a difference.  I also switched thread, which has made a huge difference in the amount of lint generated – who knew!?

Here’s the basics … Read More »

Basics Tutorial: Basting a Quilt

Posted on May 11th, by Amy in Tutorial. 14 comments

After prepping your quilt back, you are ready to baste your layers.  
A few things you will need:

masking tapesafety pinsan hour or so of time

To begin, clear a flat surface large enough for your entire quilt back to be spread out, in this case the floor, you may have a quilt you can baste on a table top, be sure you can pull it taut on a flat surface.

Then tape your edges down, notice I don’t have my corners taped – you don’t want to pull it out of square.  Put down a couple pieces on one side then move to the other, adjusting the tape as needed.  When you feel it is nice and flat, but not stretched you can move on.

Lay your batting over the top.  Make sure you are orientating it in a way that all of your … Read More »

Basics Tutorial: Prepping A Quilt Back

Posted on May 11th, by Amy in Tutorial. 9 comments

As promised I have a number of Basics Tutorials for general quilt-making.  Preparing a quilt back can be as simple as sewing two pieces together, or pieced until large enough for your quilt top.

As a general rule 3″ all around is sufficient for quilting at home with your machine, if you are sending it out to be quilted check with your quilter for specific requirements.

Here’s the most basic method of prepping a quilt back:

This quilt measures 60″x62″, so I folded the longer length over.  Then lay out my backing fabric beside it, it’s folded as it came off the bolt, and I double it back the width (in this case) of the quilt.

 Leaving 3″ – cut away excess fabric.  In not all circumstances will you have excess.

 Go back to the folded edge and cut along the fold so that … Read More »

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