Question for Quilters/Sewists Follow Up

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Hi there!  I wanted to follow up with all of you after my question last week.  Here’s  a quick list of the top three responses:

paper piecing – 5

free motion quilting – 25

appliqué -9

Free Motion Quilting~

If I’m completely honest, my fmq skills are rusty right now…Natalia did all my quilting for me when I was producing quilts for my book (coming in February!) and since then my quilts have begged for straight lines.  However!  This guest post was awesome!  Candy included some videos of her quilting, and maybe it can help you too!  If you check out her recent posts, she has had an exciting week!

What about turning your machine, I love quilting this way.  If you get everything ready, then turn your machine perpendicular to you, so that the needle is closest to you – … Read More »

Weekend Spotlight

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Happy Labor Day Weekend!  I hope you all have a nice long weekend with family and friends.

I’ve gotten a few emails about fabric sales, and thought I better share!

Burgundy Buttons –

Save 10% with code Labor2010

Canton Village Quilt Works –

Save 21% with code 10years

Piece N Quilt –

Save 40% with code LaborDay

Happy Shopping!


Recent Winners!

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I’ve been not doing so hot with keeping up on the extra bits around here!  I have emailed these three winners~

Write the Right Words – Patty #14

What We Have – Vicki #13

One Week, One Thing Challenge – Robin #21

Congratulations Ladies!

31 Days!

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Hi Friends,

Just a quick post today, I’m excited to share this product with you!  Last year I worked through a program with Darren at ProBlogger – 31 Days to Build a Better Blog – and loved it!  It was during this time that the Blogger’s Quilt Festival came to be, and I started dreaming big about my blog and how I could encourage all of you.

Darren has reworked his posts into a great workbook that he has available at an intro price  Click here to view more details

If you are interested in having a better blog, there’s tons of tools and suggestions to implement in the e-book, all of which can be implemented in a months time.  You just have to start!

Let me know if you get it, it would be fun to implement some of it together!


The Why

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Hi friends!

I’ve shared some of the why, but thought it warranted anther post.

My passion and desire is to help others learn to quilt and create.  Just in the last few weeks a few of you quilting with me have mentioned that you no longer cringe when half-square-triangles are mentioned, or how proud you are of yourself and your beautiful blocks!  THAT is so exciting to me!!  Doesn’t it feel good to make something and be proud of what you did?  And then being able to post about it and have friends leave feedback too – fun times!

But why?  Having this/any creative outlet is so important for anyone!  Having the ability and time to do something that is for me alone (not the laundry, dishes, floors – that will all be UNDONE 5 minutes later) is very satisfying.  And now at this point … Read More »

Wondrous Woven Fabrics – Winner!

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The winner of last weeks giveaway sponsored by Wondrous Woven Fabrics, is:

Congratulations Kimberly!!


Inspiration Tools

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I have to say, I’m not at all ready to send my girls back to school.  But, I do LOVE school supplies!  I don’t even have to buy them for our girls (so far) but I will browse the aisle anyway.  Over the weekend I found my latest find –

It’s a simple, $3.49, expanding file.  I have been collecting images, from magazines, online, catalogs – everywhere!  Inspiration is everywhere right?  Now it’s not a scattered mess, where ever I can stash it.  So far it’s all in one pocket, but I hope to organize things a bit more soon.  This and my sketch book are my inspiration tools – what do you do with your inspirations?



I Did It!

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Some of you probably remember this post where you strongly encouraged me to join the local Quilt Guild. I finally went last night!! Thanks Natalia for the invite :)

I met a fun bunch of quilters and learned a little too. The show and tell was so much fun – but of course I forgot my camera at the last minute, sneaking out of the house is easier said than done. I’m pretty sure that Rachel will have all the quilts up soon.

All that said, I’m hoping to be a regular guild member real soon!

The Arts Night at school was lots of fun – here’s a few pics of the girls and their Eric Carle inspired artwork.Emmalie’s leaf
Ella’s fox

Emmalie and Sophia with a super cute owl!

Our very focused girls! They were copying the shapes that they saw … Read More »

SewConnected & A Notion or Two

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Good morning and happy Monday!

I got to work on my bee blocks for the month over the weekend. Some months are more challenging than others – but I love the diversity!

Allyn asked that we take the pieces that she cut and make these grandmother’s fans. While it wasn’t difficult, it was tedious, but I’m glad to have accomplished this more traditional block! Each square is roughly 6.5″ – I’ve left them for Allyn to trim, that way she can trim them the way she needs them :)

Dee is making a house quilt for her sewing room! So cute! You can see the collection of houses in our flickr group.

And if you are interested in getting involved in a quilting bee check the discussion group over here – someone always asks!

Time to get busy!Blessings to you … Read More »

Quick Reminder

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Hi Friends ~I just wanted to make sure that everyone remembers how to play nicely. I’ve been updating a few links to send them to your posts instead of just your front page. I know that’s where your post is today, but in a week it will be gone, and it is going to take a month (if not more) for me to get through all the links!

Also be sure to– tell us about your quilt.– link back to the festival in your post.– actually post a quilt!– when posting a link, use the link to your post, not your front page.– if you link to a flickr pic, please pick one – not your photostream, and share about it in the description field.– and no shops, if you are interested in being a sponsor next time, please … Read More »

I’ve been dreaming. . .

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My new machine arrived yesterday afternoon. I had to wait a couple of hours to plug it in and try it out real quick before getting ready for a dinner guest.

First I did a decorative stitch, just to see, then a straight stitch, to see how fast. Then I dropped the feed dog to see how it liked free-motion. It’s beautiful! Straight from the box, it didn’t want to stop. I made loops, random stipple and stars, all without any threads breaking, no need to stop. It’s so smooth and quiet. I finished the scrap I was working on and told Joe in the next room “like a dream” I am so blessed to have gotten this machine!

Today I finished my top for the tree skirt. My first attempt to … Read More »

Fresh From The Wash

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I am so glad that this one is all mine! Owen likes it too.Have a great day!

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